Triskele - a Female's Journey through Life

October 03, 2015

Triskele or Celtic Triple Spiral Pendant


Sterlng Silver, Copper

vintage skeleton key


I've always been drawn to Celtic art.  Its symbols and knots are often found on their religious artifacts which range from pre-Christianity through the introduction of Christianity.

It's the meaning some of these symbols denote that capture me with their deep yet simple meanings.

The necklace I designed above features a Sterling Silver triskele or triple spiral.  It represents balance, but more specifically the three stages of a woman's journey:  maiden, mother, and crone.

I don't know if being a "mother" to dogs would work, but I certainly have embraced the nurturing path in my journey through life.  I hope to do the title of crone justice, too.  When does that start?

Another woman who I greatly admired that took each of these paths with a nobleness, strength, and a full heart was my mother-in-law.  We are celebrating her life right now, as she has left this world and with all our hope we see her with my father-in-law once again.  They were a true love match that was made before heaven!

I see her in my husband, his sisters, and her grandchildren.  They all have her strength and strong desire to live a noble life.

I will greatly miss her loving support during difficult times in my life.