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I think those of us that love beads love storage solutions almost as much.  And if they're super cool to look at and use I love them even more.  I've always wanted a printer's cabinet.  I've drooled over them in photos of artists' studios.  I've dreamed that one day I'd spot one at a garage sale and scoop it up, so to speak, before they knew how many of us were out there wanting one.

Cash Register furniture

The other day I was wandering through one of our antique shops in town that has numerous booths and turned a corner and there she was!  Well, not exactly, but look at that turn of a leg!  Look at that stack of drawers and curvy bottom! 

Antique Cash register stand

Set up in my studio

 Antique Register stand with great font

Don't you love the font?! 

There was a very large detailed and beautiful brass cash register on top and a note on the cabinet that said 50% off.  It's an antique cash register stand with multiple cash drawers, storage drawers and a large storage cabinet at the bottom perfect for my copy and photo paper.  There was a drawer missing and no handles on the register drawers since they at one time were opened mechanically by the register, but I knew I'd regret it greatly if I didn't bring her home.
Antique Register brass foot
She's got patina, scratches and dings, but also detail that one cannot find just anywhere.  The cabinet is so beautiful that I can only imagine it must've been used in a clothing store or fancy establishment of some sort, but perhaps it's from a hardware store back in the time when quality and beauty were appreciated in most things.

She's got room for us to grow, but some of my treasures have already happily moved from 20th century plastic to 19th century craftsmanship.

Antique register stand with treasures


Congrats on finding this,

Congrats on finding this, right place, right time...may you have many happy years together!

What a find Janet - she's a

What a find Janet - she's a beauty!! I can't quite tell, but it looks like it could be mahagony! And yes, those legs.....

How right you are about bead

How right you are about bead storage, She is beautiful!

What a great find for your

What a great find for your beads! I use a wonderful buffet inherited from my Great Aunt in my office. The more nooks and crannies, the better! ~Val

This is so cool! I really

This is so cool! I really like, as you say, the appreciation of quality and beauty of old furniture and design.

How wonderful for you!! If

How wonderful for you!! If we're patient enough, the things we desire always show up, she was just waiting for you... :)

What an amazing find!!! So,

What an amazing find!!! So, so nice. How I'd love to replace my plastic stack-able things with something elegant like that.

That is beautiful! what a

That is beautiful! what a lucky find.

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