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Have you heard of Turkish Delights?  For those in the states, they're sort of like Applets and Cotlets, but can be a whole lot better!  Our hotel gave us a mini-box of them - one was pistachio, can't remember the other flavor, but it was delicious as well.  The pistachio one was amazing.  Soft with a dusting of sugar and such flavor!  Sort of like a Jelly Belly kapow compared to a jelly bean.  Wonder if there's a place to get the real ones here.  Anyone?

Okay, back to my original thoughts for this post:  We're almost at the end of our stay in Istanbul.  One of the many things I loved about the city was the Bohemian feel to it. 

Wonderful patterns exist everywhere:  in their handwoven rugs, architecture, fabric, lamps...  I thought I'd share some of the photographs I took of the incredible patterns I found at Topkapi Palace.  The palace was built in the 15th century and is as ornate, luxurious and over-the-top decorated as any castle in Western Europe.  In fact it reminded me of the palaces in St. Petersburg with the gold and pattern so it's a mixture of East and West.  Topkapi Palace was said to be a city within a city with its own water supply (Byzantine, 6th century, era cisterns) and library.Inspiration in pattern and shapes.


Iznik tile - notice the Evil Eye imagery


Mother of Pearl inlaid cabinet doors

Isn't their script beautiful?

Byzantine cistern


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