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Bald Eagle
Home maintenance issues including a need to save and upgrade our landscaping has taken up a lot of my time the last couple of weeks.  It's surprising how wiped I feel after the numerous appointments that seemed to have piled up.

Meanwhile I get a strange phone call from back East that is promising to churn things up in my extended family life for awhile.  Not sure I'll be able to share what that's about for awhile, but it will affect my time and mood for some time to come.I really need a week without phones and dogs and maybe even a husband to get some sleep and figure out what to do about everything.  I hate having a problem that doesn't have a clear or good solution.  My mind doesn't seem to want to let me focus on it either.  Protecting my hard earned peace?  No one has walked in my shoes or at least not in the same color of shoes.  So I know it's something I have to figure out.  My husband wants to help and simplify it, but I think he knows it's not that easy.  My siblings have their own baggage, but hopefully we'll agree to take the same trip.

A lack of sleep due to Moose, our Springer, waking up and howling at 2 am and then often enough after that just as you start to fall asleep again, is not helping my emotions either.  He's 1.5 weeks in to a new medication, phenobarbitol, for his grand mal seizures.  It's a very strong drug and for more than a week it made him weak and loopy.  I am finally seeing some improvement though so hopefully this will work out.

This is all sounding a bit maudlin and really my life is blessed.  But we all have those times when you feel overwhelmed, right?  On the bright side I am warm and safe in my home while looking out at stormy skies, waves, and swaying trees.  I hear our eagle calling.  It's time for his breakfast and mine.


I am sending warm and

I am sending warm and comforting thoughts your way, Janet. I hope the writing helped a little, at least temporarily.

Sometimes life hits you all

Sometimes life hits you all at once, and it's easy to get overwhelmed.It sounds like your husband already knows he can't solve the family issue, but let him take care of the other things around the house like the dog and garden, etc so you can focus on the things you need to do. Easy for me to say, right? One way or another things will work out. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

Hey, life gets messy, not

Hey, life gets messy, not just sometimes, but often and it helps to share things, what your feeling and to just get it out. I'm sorry you're having difficulties and although I'm not walking in your shoes, you know I'm traveling an untraveled road that I don't want to be on, so I can relate. Sending you love and prayers and a big hug!! xo Kim

Family issues always seem to

Family issues always seem to come in waves. We, as a family, will deal with it. My Aunt will be having heart surgery next Friday so this is just one more thing to think about. One step at a time.

I hope things calm down and

I hope things calm down and get straightened out soon. I've been having a terrible time getting back into a routine and keeping my focus since my brother's death a few weeks ago. But I know in time things will get better. Sending hugs.Great eagle photo btw!

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