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A Time to Stitch Seven:  Bead Embroidery


I always love checking out Therese and Christine's a Time To Stitch blog hops.  I was so glad I could join this one, as I really enjoy bead embroidery and don't get a chance to do it as often as I'd like.

I know some sketch theirs and maybe even plan out every detail.  I tend to grab a bunch of beads that seem to go with the stone or button or whatever I'm going to capture and just start stitching.  It takes some time to capture the cabochon and that gives me time to think about how I want to decorate it.

Silver Lace Jasper bead embroidered brooch pendant

Silver Lace Jasper cabochon

Keshi pearls, freshwater pearls, sterling silver pinecone

glass seed beads


Sometimes there are decorative beads that I really want to use, but they just don't work out in the end so this process works well for me.

One of a kind Winter Brooch


The Silver Lace Jasper cabochon was a gift from Therese who has became a wonderful lapidarian.  The stone she sent me is the prettiest Silver Lace Jasper I've seen.


One of a Kind Winter Brooch back

leather back with pin and pendant finding


I'm calling it Winter Sunrise.  It brings back fond memories of waking up early on a school day where snow had been promised overnight.  I'd pull out my transistor radio and hope to hear our county schools were closed.  It was  like getting a free day to eat a slow breakfast and then go sledding.  Now I get a similar feeling if my schedule changes and I end up with a free day that I wasn't counting on!  Such a great feeling trying to decide what I should do with it:  studio time, shop, just anything fun.

Thank you Therese for your beautiful cabochon.  I am keeping this to wear later this year!

Let's go see what the other participants bead embroidered:

1.       Therese (Host) 
2.       Christine  (Host)
3.       Amy
4.       Lola
5.       Lori F
6.       Kim
7.       Becky Pancake
8.       Karin G.
9.       Debbie (Kepi)
10.   LizE
11.   Maryanne
12.   Paula
13.   Wendy
14.   Janet (you are here!)
15.   Jasvanti
16.   Ginger
17.   Alicia
18.   Bobbie
19.   Shirley
20.   Sarah
21.   Cynthia
22.   Lizzie
23.   Samantha
24.   Sally
25.   Nik
26.  Karen



This is just lovely!! I love the way you pulled the red from this cab and used it throughout your design. That pinecone is positively adorable. The pearls add so much wonderful texture. This design is stunning!! Beautiful!

Thank you!

I was lucky to get such an inspirational stone from Therese. That red in the stone was difficult to get close to in color, but I do love the raspberry.

Very beautiful

I love your reflections on what the stone evokes. Everyone needs random days of freedom. Your bezeling captured the cabochon perfectly.

Random acts of freedom

I love that! Thanks Liz


Beautiful name for a beautiful piece.!




Hi Janet,

I love your piece it is gorgeous you have done my humble Mexican Lace justice with all the beautiful beads and pearls you chose to decorate it with and the little silver pine cone was the perfect touch. I am like you, I get the focal then I go to my bead stash pull out what I want to decorate it with and start sewing letting the beads and focal tell me where to go with the design. I have always thought the this cab looked like sunset over the white sandy beach in Florida, but I can see sunrise on a snow day too. Thank you for participating in ATTS 7 and I hope that you will be back for ATTS 8.

I guess

Because we don't have lovely white sand beaches I never see that, but I do now. I loved working with your cab. Thank you do so much for the gift as well as letting me join in the fun.


oh this is gorgeous Janet! You've really framed the stone perfectly and I love the keshi flowers on top, and that sweet pine cone on the bottom. It does have that feeling of the stillness you get in winter .... breathtaking!


Cynthia, you are so sweet! I do love how it came out so much. I've got a grey wool felted coat that is going to rock this next winter.

You and your lovely white

You and your lovely white shades :-) The snowy pearls, the pinecone, Therese's cab, your embroidery skills, the splash of berry...what a winning combination, my friend! You always bring the very best to all you do and this is no different. Lovely and lovely and lovely.
Thanks for being a part of this challenge :-)

I thought

Of you and your love of my whitework the whole time. Lol! I thought it serendipitous that Therese sent me the one she did.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I do love it and it will adorn my grey will coat this coming winter.

So very pretty

You highlighted the beauty of the cabochon so well -- simply elegant bezeling, with the lovely touch of the pearls at the top. And what a great idea to use the pin/pendant finding to give yourself the versatility to wear it all the time!


Thank you Bobbie! Therese made it easier with her lovely cab for sure.

Beautiful work! I love the

Beautiful work! I love the addition of the bright red that really makes the cabochon pop. It is very elegant and sophisticated.


Karin! Thank you so much. I love the raspberry addition too

Beautiful, that is how I work

Beautiful, that is how I work as well, wherever the design takes me, always a lovely journey! Great design!

Thank you!

Meditative work, isn't it?


Well, I think you are just a natural, cause that turned out beautiful! I tried to plan, but mine still went a bit wild! Such a lovely cab, and perfect colors to complement it.


Thanks Shirley!

Truly lovely! Therese's

Truly lovely! Therese's cabochon really does look like a snowy landscape; I could totally see it once you described your vision. I love your story, and how you interpreted it in your design. What fun it will be to wear!

TTS #7

Hi Janet, Your cab is so wonderful. It sounds like we use a similar design process and you were really in sync with that lovely jasper when you came up with the design. The kasha pearls and little pinecone are just perfect and I love the way the scarlet delica beads bring out that rosy tone in the jasper. Also very nice to have the option to wear it as a pin or a pendant. Beautiful!

Thank you!

Thank you Paula for your visit and kind words. This was really a fun hop!


it does look like a morning sunrise during the winter when you first open your eyes and everything is blurry. Love the colors and the little pine cone. Great job. Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you!

Thank you, Veralynne! Glad you stopped for a visit.


This is so lovely! Beautiful cab, beautiful that it a pin!!

Thank you Patti!

Thanks Patti. I do love to make brooches, but don't do it very often. Coincidentally during the month I got a commission to create one so I'm excited.

What a lovely design, and

What a lovely design, and such a great idea that it can be worn as a pendent or a pin!

Thanks Niky

Thank you Niky and for the stop by!

Oh I have always loved Keshi

Oh I have always loved Keshi pearls, I have a small stash of them I will have to bring out. What a beautiful piece of jewelry you have created.

me too!

I have quite a few Keshi and love putting them in here and there.

Beautiful Pin/Pendant

I love your creation!!
You made it versatile, either a pin or a pendant.
Very smart!!


I thought it would look great just on a silver chain rather than a fussy beaded neckband. I'm glad you love!


Hi Janet, You piece is fabulous. You chose just the right colors and embellishments to compliment Therese's lovely cab perfectly. Making it both a pin and a pendant gives it so much more wearability.

Thank you!

Thank you Becky! I really love it, too.

Oh my, love the colours, love

Oh my, love the colours, love the dangly bits....gorgeous!! You've also reminded me what I bought those findings for LOL...I couldn't for the life of me think what in the world they were, when they arrived. The Keishi pearls as an edging are wonderful!!

What findings?

The pendant, brooch combo? lol! Thank you Lori.

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