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I think I told you that I'd made myself a promise that I wouldn't sit and create anything until all surfaces in my studio were clean.  Well, I did clean up a lot, seriously a lot!  I sent out 2 bins of magazines for recycling after tearing out stuff to keep and getting about 2/3 of that into my Spark binder.  However, with the month already half over I just had to do my September Art Bead Scene challenge piece.  Don't you think?Earlier in the month I laid the challenge photo in my usual corner of clean space so that I could pass by and keep it in my head for inspiration.  At first the image was giving me nothing, but then an idea popped in my head... and little by little the bead pile grew.

I hope to have my finished piece ready for reveal for you tomorrow.  In my head I'm promising myself that I then have to get back to cleaning up and organizing.  There is that other challenge I want to do though...


Looks like it's going to be

Looks like it's going to be really great (especially with that red going on!)

Hi Janet! Thank yo so much

Hi Janet! Thank yo so much for stopping by my bead soup! Look forward to seeing yours! Take care, Riki

I love your fall masthead!

I love your fall masthead!

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