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Only my family and closest friends know I have a chocolate drawer.  There's a reason for that.  I don't mind sharing, but only with my family and closest of friends.  Only my favorite chocolates make the drawer:  the stuff I hoard for those times when I deserve or NEED a break.  (Oops, I guess the dark chocolate is out of the bag!  Darn these blog carnivals!  However, you don't know which drawer and wouldn't it be awkward if you started looking for it?)

For a very long time my husband treated it like my purse:  not something he'd open unless it was an emergency.  That's not the case any more.  I guess after over 20 years together not much remains off limits.  He even stashes his dark chocolate Chukar Cherries in my our drawer.

I've thought about when this started, because it was a long time ago.  It was when my sister-in-law told me she had a chocolate drawer.  Hers is in her night stand!  I thought that was the coolest most delicious idea and promptly started one.  (I have 5 sister-in-laws so even those of you that know me as well as one or more of them would be hard pressed to explain opening their nightstand drawer!)

In taking these photos I noticed that my favorite chocolate bar is missing from my stash.  Tomorrow I hit my favorite chocolate store:  Jim's Pharmacy in my home town of Port Angeles to replenish the supply!  Yes, it is an over-the-counter prescription.


now i am craving dark chili

now i am craving dark chili chocolate! maybe i will have a little nibble before bed. i may upgrade from chocolate tupperwares (yes, plural) to the drawer. thanx for this post---refreshing and real. love it!

My drawer is empty at the

My drawer is empty at the moment, only my dog knows which drawer it is! Toblerones are one of my treats, too.

Oh! I need to start a

Oh! I need to start a chocolate drawer! My fear though would be having a need to open it multiple times a day! ~Val

I used to have a chocolate

I used to have a chocolate drawer but I couldn't keep it stocked! lol

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