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The town of Amalfi from the sea

The town of Amalfi on the Amalfi coast was our next stop on our fabulous cruise from Istanbul to Barcelona. 
Since the town was compact we decided to just spend the day wandering, looking in shops and exploring on our own. 
Our mission, which my husband chose to accept, was to find a limoncello serving set for ourselves since we'd gifted the ones we'd found on previous trips.  If you've never had limencello, it is like sipping an alcoholic lemon meringue pie.  Yes, it is that tasty!  We like to put it in the freezer so it's cold for sipping on a summer's eve.
We found a butcher and a fish shop right away.  I do eat meat, but I personally do not like to see any mammal parts, especially those that appear to be looking at me accusingly, that remind me of what I'm eating.  Maybe I'd become a vegetarian if I was forced to see this every time I bought a pork loin?


Pottery shop - I love the wall above more than any of the pottery

Mission Accomplished! (Check out the size of the lemons!)

Throughout the Amalfi coast you'll find these quaint miniature scenes.  Each one different but as detailed as the next.  I don't know if they are the work of one artist or several nor how old they are.

You might want to click on the photo to blow it up larger

And finally, who's kidding who?!  I didn't need the sunshine to desire gelato, but it made the relaxing at the small tables in the square a lot more enjoyable!

Dare I interrupt their conversation?

Decisions, decisions...Last views of the Amalfi Coast as we head up to Civitavecchia, our next port stop.


Most beautiful photos, I

Most beautiful photos, I especially love that one of the pottery shop! :)

Hi Janet! I wanted to stop by

Hi Janet! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment on my blog. It's been a journey with learning about the pricing, but I'm really beginning to feel my worth and that's a great feeling. Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and AWESOME photos of your travels by the way. How inspiring!

Oh, you have something in

Oh, you have something in common with my hubby - he loves limencello too!! I wish I could shrink myself and go with you. All these places are so beautiful Janet! And I love, love, love (singing, love) the picture of the stairs!!

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