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Sticks and Stones bracelet

Sticks and Stones statement bracelet

For some my new unisex artisan bracelet may just bring back memories of that childhood rhyme: 

Sticks and stones will break my bonesBut words will never harm me.
It's something adults want us to learn to thicken our skins and to prevent us from retaliating.
Bullying hurts.
For others it may touch them more personally whether from their own history or their child's.
What if the bullying comes from an adult?  An adult whose opinion matters more than most?
Bullying hurts.
Sticks and Stones ID bracelet
Protect our children
Stop Bullying:  stopbullying.gov
Stop Family Violence


What a powerful post, Janet.

What a powerful post, Janet. And so true. Words hurt. They can permanently wound. This bracelet is a good reminder to take that into consideration when we speak.

Beautiful bracelet. And a

Beautiful bracelet. And a wonderful post!

Agree with Christine ...

Agree with Christine ... great post - and important message! Words can hurt, and can influence when our kids our most vulnerable. Thank you for posting this

Great post. And so very true.

Great post. And so very true. What a great reminder and such a lovely bracelet!

Yes they sure can, but they

Yes they sure can, but they can also lift others up, and heal....beautiful bracelet!

A beautiful piece and a

A beautiful piece and a wonder message for us all. Even grown-ups are bullies at times.

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