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I'd like to thank the academy, my kind and thoughtful followers, and Amberr Meadows for nominating my blog!  What a surprise and lovely thing to do!  I now must fulfill my duties and follow the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them.  Check.  Seriously, thank you Amberr, I appreciate the shout-out and am honored.  I'd put you on my newly discovered blogs, because I've just discovered yours a few weeks ago and enjoy the fresh honest words.
  2. Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.  I hope I can come up with 7!
  3. Pass the award on to 15 newly discovered blogs.  I'm taking creative license on this one, because I follow a lot of great blogs and some have been around awhile.  I'm just going to pick 15 this time that consistently keep me interested.

Interesting facts about me:

  • I seem to have facial features that resemble half the world's population.. or something like that.  It doesn't matter where I am in the world nor what age, as this has been happening to me since I was a teenager, men and women will stop me and insist they know me.  This has happened twice to me in the last month!  One was a guy from Montana who currently lives in Idaho with not a thing in common with me in terms of interests or locale ever in our lives.  The other was a woman from Washington, but after some talking - nothing that would've put us in touch with each other.  Most of the time it's funny and my husband has gotten used to it.  However one time it was quite depressing.  In a grocery check out line a woman turned around and insisted we knew each other.  We'd just moved to Vancouver so unless she'd been in California... well, she was darn sure and then told me exactly where it had been:  we had kids the same age in high school  I laughed and said no, I don't have any kids, let alone one in high school.  On the drive home I felt my heart drop as I realized I WAS old enough to have a child in high school!  Not being reminded how old one was getting WAS a benefit of not having children.
  • I'm not particularly fond of dancing in public.  As a teenager I wasn't allowed to go to dances and by the time I was old enough to go to clubs I was terrified.  Remember how Elaine danced on Seinfeld?  I'm sure that's how I look.  There were a couple of dance clubs next to each other in the San Jose area where my friends liked to go.  I'd stand holding my friends' wraps and purses and avoid eye contact while sipping my drink that was supposed to relax me.  The only time I remember feeling happy about dancing in public was the first time I danced with my husband (boyfriend at the time.)  I was so deliriously in love that I only had eyes for him and he didn't seem to care how I danced.
  • I loved the Bee Gees in the late 70's.  There, I said it.  I actually fell in love with their harmonizing before they did Saturday Night Fever and the disco stuff, but I loved it, too.  I still like singing along.  (Sorry honey.)
  • Chain Facebook status updates really annoy me.  You know, the ones that say "I know only my cool friends will re-post this in their status..." or otherwise imply that if you don't post you don't care about people with cancer.  It's the modern day chain letter, but 10 times worse, because you don't open this in the privacy of your home and toss it.  The only time I participated in a chain email was for recipes where you send out to 5 people and somehow you're supposed to get back 60 (honey, would you do the math?) because it seemed innocuous and I love family recipes.  I received zero recipes in the mail.
  • are these interesting?  I'm trying to think of things I haven't already spilled the beans on...
  • I've inherited some hermit tendencies, but I love my friends and family too much to go underground for too long.  You go under too long and you forget how to have a verbal conversation.  Besides, it's a lot more fun to cook and share meals with friends then for just two.  I do love my alone time though.  Fortunately my husband likes his alone time, too... maybe even more than me!
  • In High School I participated as a Representative and later as a Senator at our State's Model General Assembly.. and ended up going to the National conference in North Carolina as one of my state's representatives the summer of 1976.  My "bill" was to ban fluorocarbons since they deplete the ozone layer.  Ahead of my time I guess!  (oops... this seems kind of sad like a 40 something former HS star quarterback still talking about the big game.  sorry.)
  • Finally.. 7...  My dreams about what I wanted to be when I grew up never included being an artist.  My dreams went from stewardess to research scientist to anthropologist.  Real life took me from fast food to banking to accounting to programming to human resources.

Here are 15 blogs I think you should check out:

If you've clicked with me on the variety I like to read and browse, you can check out more blogs at the bottom right of this page.  There never seems to be enough time to check up on everyone, but one tries.
At these award shows, I love to see what people are going to wear. ~ Mary Hart
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I love that you decided to

I love that you decided to share the feel-good vibe. You and I have some things in common that extend beyond a love of beautiful scenery. I'm looking forward to getting to know you even more through your posts to come. I'm already delighted to be a fan. I'll be checking out these other blogs you've designated. I'm sure they are fantastic, if you recommend :-)Take care...

You deserve this award

You deserve this award because you really do have a lovely blog. Congrats and I look forward to linking to your recommendations. TFS

Congratulations on the honor,

Congratulations on the honor, the facts, and the list of new blogs to check out!

Hi Janet!I am honoured that

Hi Janet!I am honoured that you would include lil' ole Fizgiggery amongst the blogs that consistently keep you interested. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the shout out!Oh, and I'm totally with you on the FB status update thing... Fondly,Lauren

Awwww, Janet thank you! And

Awwww, Janet thank you! And seriously, we must be sisters . . . twice last week someone thought I looked just like someone they knew!! lol

And I almost forgot - you

And I almost forgot - you have an awesome blog!

What's that you say???!! Ah!!

What's that you say???!! Ah!! Thank you so much - you are the best!

Janet~I am thrilled &

Janet~I am thrilled & surprised that you added me to your list of 15, as I hold your blog in such high esteem! I came for the artistry, continue to be blown away by it, enjoy the posts about the Tribal Canoe Journey (I was an Anthropolgy major in college with a concentration in American Indian Studies) and the dams and the family and of course Wordless Wednesdays. So Anthropology, hermatic tendencies, and dancing like Elaine...we have a lot in common :-) I better go update my blog!

Thank you all. I have come o

Thank you all. I have come o love blogging and the friendships that form through not only our work, but the sharing of a piece of ourselves.Christine - Isn't it interesting that we both were attracted to the study of man, but have hermatic tendencies? I'm not sure what that says about us!I guess the "dance like no one is watching" has real meaning for us! ; )

Hey Janet! I am just tickled

Hey Janet! I am just tickled that you think so highly of me (and my lately not so robust blog!). That is very sweet of you! I love the connections that I have made through the blog world. You are my 'something good' today!Enjoy the day!Erin

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