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Actually why else would you hook these days?

Aboriginal Design by Sharon Smith; Hooked by LaRae Schneider

Last month I attended the Little River Inn Rug Camp and was again blown away by the artistry in hooked rugs today.  No longer are hookers confined to wool or traditional patterns.  As you'll see in the photos one's subject can be anything you want and style ranges the gamut, too, from primitive to modern.While taking classes one is surrounded by completed rugs being shown on the walls of the work space.  When you take a pause from focusing on your own rug you can glance around and be inspired by color and technique.  Some of the designs are originals by the hookers, others are designed by teachers, while others are commercial patterns that the hookers put their own spin on.


Paint Pots

Designed and Hooked by Gail Becker

We were treated to a slide show by Lara Magruder, a local artist that works with fiber.  I was very excited to see her mixed media work and had the opportunity to watch her work, as she sat next to me during camp.

Wolves at the Door

Designed and Hooked by Lara Magruder

Last year we were treated to a slide show from Sarah Province in which she shared her life's work.  I loved hearing her talk, as she's from Virginia and it brought back memories of growing up there.  It was really nice to see her again this past camp.

Silver Spring Marketplace

Designed and Hooked by Sarah Province


Dick and Francie

Designed and hooked by Sarah Province

Since I was going to hook a dog portrait for my class project I was excited to see two rugs by Barb Powell.  I thought they were both wonderful, but she pointed out that Scotty was her mother's dog and a real pain in the butt.  Looking again I could tell the love she felt for Ozzy came through her hooking.  I took that to heart.

Ozzy - the Aussie Dog

Designed and Hooked by Barb Powell

Scotty - a dog

Designed and Hooked by Barb Powell

My teacher for the camp was the delightful and very informative Tanya Graham.  Although she lives in Canada now her English accent added charm.  She was wearing a very cool silver skull pendant that her son created, but unfortunately the close-up photo I took of it was very blurry.

Tanya Graham



Designed and Hooked by Tanya Graham


We all made great progress during the week and I thought I'd share some of my favorites.  I apologize for not getting the hooker's or designer's name on all of them.

Close up of part of Adam and Eve

Designed by J. Conner

Black cat on back of sofa

California, Here We Come!

Designed and Hooked by PA Webber

Designed and Hooked by Sarah Province


Picasso Cat

Designed and Hooked by Pat Merikallio


Stair Risers


Next post I'll share the rug I started at camp and completed today!

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Geometrics, faces, landscapes

Geometrics, faces, landscapes - wow! Thanks for a beautiful introduction into an art form I was totally unaware of. Really looking forward to seeing your work!

mountain fish

Is the mountain fish a pattern that can be purchased? if so will you share the designer. Thank you


I'm pretty sure it was the hooker's own design.

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