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Sharon Borsavage jewelry

This Smile Heart pendant was created by Sharon Borsavage.


I introduced you to the Snowball Surprise event started by Julie Wong Sontag of Uglibeads this past weekend.

A gift I received from Sharon Borsavage was my talisman every day until I had to leave the beautiful heart at home on surgery day.  I thought of it though as I sat in my paper gown and continued to smile.  Seriously, ask my husband!  The love of a friend I've never met made a huge difference at a time I needed it.

Jewelry has a magical quality.  It's not like a new pair of shoes, which I love!, it somehow always means more than that.  It may mark a special day, be a reminder of the giver, tell one's personal story, or act as a talisman when fears need to be calmed.

The heart she created for me was a reminder to smile and know that someone was thinking of me.  I love the juxtaposition between the rustic quality and the sparkly crystals.  I will treasure it always.  Thank you Sharon!

Check out Sharon's colorful unique boho gypsy inspired jewelry in her Live Wire Etsy shop.


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