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Boreal beads by Uglibeads

A pair of Uglibeads in the Boreal Forest series that I purchased last year.

(photo by Julie Wong Sontag)


Kindred spirits like me have found a home in Julie's UgliBeads tribe.  She has created a supportive and creative group on Facebook where she showcases her beads, but also honors all of us.  Being a closed group, it's a safe place to chat with a friend.  However, let there be no mistake, we all know the big heart and leadership that Julie provides.  Julie Wong Sontag is the artist creator behind Uglibeads.  Thank you so much Julie for your generosity of spirit and thoughtful presence in my life!

Late last year Julie invited participants to join an event she was calling Snowball Surprise.  The idea was to have a no stress random act of kindness kind of event where those that wanted to would send out a card, a gift, or any thoughtful message randomly.  Many signed up to open their hearts.  It was difficult to decide who to send to so I chose 8 that had provided a great deal of support through words when I was nervous over an upcoming surgery.  They helped me eliminate most of my fears and they'd proved unfounded in any case as the surgery went textbook, so says my surgeon.

Having been a recipient of these random acts I can tell you that each time it has been a total surprise which added to the love felt effect.  Since we are all jewelry makers and some also create components we know what we like.  I thought I would share photos of the gifts I received to introduce you to some fantastic artists and warm thoughtful people.

Crow's Cache Jewelry Supply packaging

Sasha Crow of Crow's Cache jewelry Supplies 

I just loved her packaging so much that I had to show you that before the gifts!

Crow's Cache Jewelry Supply headpins

Sasha creates these really cool headpins from Czech glass and tinning that she does herself.  She also sent me a pair of her handmade earrings that I think are so cool!  Check out her Etsy shop for items like these.

Thank you again Sasha for these fun and crow-cool gifts!  I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Julie's snowball has become more than a base for a snowman.  It continues to grow and I imagine it will still be growing by the time next Winter arrives.


Thank you!!!!!!!!

This post means so much to me. You are an amazing lady and I'm so lucky to have you in my life! Truly, I'm so touched. Thank you Janet. I so enjoyed seeing all the goodies that people sent out, and of course I treasure the lovely snowball you sent my way too :) Big hugs :) xoxo


Ditto! I can't thank you enough for the snowball love you started. Your surprises back were AMAZING!

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