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Snowball gift from Erica Taggart


Erica and I became online friends via Julie's Uglibeads group on Facebook.  When she saw that I loved taffy, especially huckleberry taffy, she told me that it was actually made in her state of Utah.  I do think part of why I love huckleberry taffy is not only that huckleberries are found in the northern part of the Inland Empire, but also because of their periwinkle color!

In early February I received a surprise package from her.  I literally laughed out loud when I found she'd used huckleberry taffy as packing materials for her lovely bead gifts!  The beads were huckleberry as well!  Just my favorite color!

There were a couple of unique items too:  orange kyanite and turquoise beads from closed mines.  I didn't even know kyanite came in orange!

Some day Erica and I shall meet and that's a day I'm looking forward to having.  Perhaps we'll meet at a jewelry convention?

Thank you Erica for your friendship and fun gifts!

Erica has a gift of a unique eye for finding treasures and creating jewelry with a vintage flair, especially an interest in Steampunk.  Please check out her unique Tony Tiggert's Eye Candy shop on Etsy.


snowball of kindness

That is such a fun package! And I didn't know taffy came in huckleberry flavor! What a precious, sweet gift!


It's the only flavor they sell in our neck of the woods in Idaho. :-)

I was very blessed with these snowballs!


I think actually you were the first peep to send snowballs out into the world, Janet! Which is super cool. So much special stuff :) I'm glad you had a few special things arrive at your doorstep too. Hugs :) xo

I was blessed for sure!

Thanks Julie. I think knowing I couldn't make anything to send it was easier to just go out and shop! :-) I was very blessed and even have one more to share! Just received it last weekend.

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