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Lampwork by Judith Billig; Pietersite

Lampwork by Judith Billig; Pietersite Cabochon

Incomplete idea... I've bought a few Pietersite cabs this winter.  I really like the stone - greys and blues - so hope to do them justice.  The glass beads by Judith were just lying close by and I thought how nice they looked together.


Spring arrives early here in northern California and with that I get studio fever.  A hankering to leave behind the fibers and to pick up cabochons and beads for new jewelry designs.

Pietersite Sterling Silver Ring

Pietersite cabochon; Sterling Silver ring

I haven't made a ring in awhile.  Maybe it's time?


To be honest I have been tempted by and succumbed to beads and stones all winter.  I went to a couple local gem shows and on Facebook was seduced by lapidarists and lampwork bead artists alike.

Botswana Agate and drusy design idea

Botswana Agate and Drusy

This amazing drusy was given to me by my friend and fellow jewelry/fiber artist Deb Fitz!  I was excited to find how well it went with some stunning Botswana Agate beads I purchased earlier this year at a gem show.  Since Deb has made some beautiful box beads I thought it would be a perfect tribute to her as well as help the drusy pick up light if I angled it.  This one is going to be challenging!


However I made myself stash the purchases in a bag for later fondling and designing.

Glass cabochon with drusy cabochon pendant design

Mikeline Reusse glass cabochon; Drusy cabochon

Another nice surprise was how this drusy cabochon helped unveil my pendant design idea with one of Mikeline's colorful glass cabochons. 


A couple weeks ago I spilled my purchases out on to our dining room table and from time to time I will sit down with my sketch book and try ideas.  I've posted about half of those on my Instagram account and saved some to unveil later or because I think it's an ill conceived or incomplete idea.

Ocean Jasper and cherry blossom necklace design


Unusual Ocean Jasper; Cherry blossoms by ? (sorry - anyone know whose these are?!)


Last year some friends said they really enjoyed seeing how I come up with an idea or at least see the early stage of a jewelry piece's development.  So I hope you enjoy these conceptual brain storms.


Steampunk Romantic pendant idea

Antique Mother of Pearl and Steel-cut button; Ocean Jasper

One of my many button purchases this winter.


Dendritic Opal Pendant designs

Dendritic Opal Pendant ideas


Chrysocolla pendant design

Chrysocolla and Silver Pendant idea


Bird's Eye Rhyolite Pendant design


Bird's Eye Rhyolite and Sunstone


Chohua Jasper Pendant design

Chohua Jasper and Sterling Silver

Those are cattails I'll saw into the frame.  Looks so much like a familiar lake scene to me.


Glass cabochon and Labradorite necklace design

Labradorite wing; another glass cabochon from Mikelene Reusse


Which ones would you like to see me take from paper to wearable first?



I always love seeing your

I always love seeing your work in process and your brain storms. Love the ring and all the druzies. I'm excited to see the sun piece come to life!

That one

was kind of a breakthrough. I'm excited to see it match my mind's eye, too. Glad you stopped by and happy you enjoy these kinds of posts!

the wings, always the wings ~

all about the labradorite wing! let's take flight!

isn't it amazing?!

There's so much flash in that labradorite! Balancing the weight on the other side will be the ultimate challenge. I'm up for it! ;-)

stones with stories

this is such serious eye candy .... I just kept scrolling through all the designs and studying each stone. They all seem to have stories to tell. I love the Dendritic Opal ... you can totally see the frozen lake with the pines lining the shore. Fantastic eye Janet! Or that Chrysocolla half sun - wow! or rootbeer float?! with sun stone .... one of my favorites from OR. I'm in love with this post - seriously

Thank you!

Thank you so much Cynthia! Like chocolate sprinkles to my ears. :-) I'm so glad you loved the post. Your support is always appreciated.

Skate With Me!!! Yes

Skate With Me!!! Yes yes!
Autumn Tale! Oh Yes!
Root Beer Float! Yes, Please!
Cream Rises!!! YES YES!!!


The Skate with Me one is definitely one of my favorites. I'm scared I won't be able to part with it.

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