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photo by sister-in-law, Janine Bocciardi, one of my fave people to laugh with!

Have you heard about the Six Word Memoirs?  I hadn't either, but apparently Oprah is on to it and as kismet would have it our fearless Beyond Layers class leader, Kim Klassen, happened on to it via Oprah's magazine.  How better to dig deep into ourselves than to tell our story in six words?

There are so many facets to each of us that I could sit and write six word memoirs for some time I think.  However, I'm going to go with the first path my mind took me for this post.

 Just a few more words (lol!)

I remember giggling til I would pee in my pants.
I can still hear that giggle in my head.  
It was a beautiful, wild and carefree sound: pure and free of shame or judgment.  
That giggle stopped in my teenage years.  
I've mourned its loss.
After acceptance and forgiveness, today I laugh with a fresh joy.


I love it, and your pic! Just

I love it, and your pic! Just seeing you smile makes me smile!!I shared mine on her post this morning, and will be sharing it later on my blog. For my first one (yes, I'm sure there are many) I just wrote the first thing that came to mind!!

Love this post. There's

Love this post. There's nothing better than giggling and truly feeling care free. :)

wow... that's even tougher

wow... that's even tougher than writing a 25 word pitch to a book agent! lol

Wasn't this a fun challenge?

Wasn't this a fun challenge? REally makes you think. And I"m glad YOU thought of "giggles". Fantastic!Kathy

this is beautiful and

this is beautiful and sentimental and must have been daunting to boil it down to 6 words. what a happy photo!

Love this Janet! And you

Love this Janet! And you know, I didn't realize I wasn't following your blog until now! OOps:)

I saw the six word memoir,

I saw the six word memoir, too. I think it is a great idea and yours is so fun!

Great photo Janet, something

Great photo Janet, something to treasure and a fun exercise. Might give it a go later. Cheers

What a wonderful, joyful

What a wonderful, joyful photo! And I love your words. I wonder what my six word memoir would be... I'll have to think on that and maybe post it to my blog. And giggling... there's nothing quite like it. :)

Gosh...you've really got my

Gosh...you've really got my brain going now!Love your 6 words...and the explaination below :) Glad you got your laugh back!

Beautiful words. I really

Beautiful words. I really appreciate those your post. Your post is indeed very motivating and inspiring. Thanks!

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