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Coots on Lake Pend Oreille
Coots gathering October 8
Coots growing gathering October 9

The arrival of migrating coots brings flotillas of thousands that drift on the lake separately and then combine in the numerous bays into one like starlings in a murmuration.  They don't move as quickly and actually are weak fliers with short rounded wings, but peacefully drift into tight groups and apart to their own rhythm.  It's a sure sign that Fall has arrived in northern Idaho.(According to my husband I'm a rare bird in that I love seeing the coots.  Apparently they're not thought fondly of by many?)

Have you seen a murmuration?  It's a fascinating phenomenon captured by a number of videographers.  This particular one has the scientific reasons for it as well as some gorgeous photography.

So we know from the coots, the below freezing nights, and the calendar that Autumn is truly here, but what's with the budding trees?  The trees in northern Idaho have been confused all summer showing signs of stress:  losing leaves to curling leaves.  Is it due to the exceptionally wet June, long dry hot summer, last winter's milder temperatures, or some sign of what's to come?

Red maple in our yard is budding!


I've seen the starlings but

I've seen the starlings but didn't know it was called a murmuration - what a perfect word! The coots are beautiful. I hate the oncoming cold, but love the wildlife sightings! :)

The gaggles of Canadian geese

The gaggles of Canadian geese seem to have vanished in a day's time to make way for the coots or they're aware of the snow flurry forecast next week!

That's just crazy about your

That's just crazy about your red maple tree! Poor thing won't know what hit it!

Okay, that video was so

Okay, that video was so cool!! I've seen, not starlings, but some other birds do something similar, but they were a bit bigger and much smaller in group size . . . that was just awesome to watch. Almost looked like moving sand art, and there was something spiritual to it to. And wow on the tree budding, what's up with that? haha

This morning, before

This morning, before daylight, I saw this dark river that was wide than thin going from our place to across the lake. As the sun rose I saw that it was all coots! I wish I had a kayak (next year!) I'd go out and join them.

I have seen a

I have seen a murmuration--but only a smallish one. pretty amazing!I think our seasons are confused. No wonder the trees are!I think the coots are fascinating!

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