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Polished Agate slices

I needed more stones and beads for my stash like another hole in my head, but I'd been admiring this cool set of agate slices from the Lunch Lady Vintage shop on Etsy.  I'm not even sure they're agate, as I think they look like Picture Jasper.

They're not cabochons but polished on both sides.  I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with them, but they reminded me of driftwood so much I know they're going to inspire some wonderful necklace or two.She had a note in her shop that you could ask for a discount possibly so since I ultimately use these purchases for jewelry I design I thought I'd see if I could get one for a wholesale purchase.  The timing must've been right, because she not only said yes, but said that she actually would love to sell all of her cabochon and stone collection.  She gave me a price and said that it would likely fill a medium size flat rate box.  I only could see the stones that were listed on her site, but I took a leap of faith, because her prices were good otherwise.  I am excited with my box of goodies!  For one thing I'm seeing it as the catalyst to sign up for a lapidary class next January at the Monterey Peninsula College.  They have a short course that is perfect for me.  I've always wanted to try lapidary work so I think this was a kismet moment!
rough stone

I like to shop locally for beads as well, especially when they offer a wholesale price to designers like myself.  My favorite bead shop in Santa Cruz is Monkey Girl Beads on Soquel Avenue.  They've got a nice large space so I'm hopeful they'll continue to grow.  I've found some unusual gemstones there.  The owners are very helpful and sweet, too.  



i can absolutely see why you

i can absolutely see why you had to have those weathered wood looking agates! they are beauties! it will be so exciting to open your box of goodies and see what she sent you.

They do look like driftwood.

They do look like driftwood. Very cool. I love stones.

I love the colour of the

I love the colour of the agate stones, they are lovely!

those are so cool! and what a

those are so cool! and what a great store - I would love to take a look inside that bead shop!!

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