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The stars must be aligning just right, because my little baby has gotten another feature!  RiskyBeads selected her to be part of her Fresh Squeezed Tuesday.  I am honored!!

Where are they finding her?  There's this site called CraftJuice where folks are finding a way to show their appreciation for handmade items without feeling any pressure for purchasing.  This is important, as it gives those of us that are working alone in our studios some needed feedback and often will springboard us into even move creative work.  How can you participate?  Just go to that CraftJuice link and vote for the ones you love.  If you want to raise my Little Acorn that Roars pendant some love - click here and then hit the up arrow.  Tweet it! 

Now, let's get back to RiskyBeads!  Lori is a big supporter of handmade, but she also creates some really fun jewelry.  As a fellow book lover I'm particularly fond of her Quote Bottle necklaces.  This one is dedicated to RD Cumming  and his quote "A good book has no ending."


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