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Geese Flying North

It wasn't leisurely as we had a lot of miles to cover, but fifteen hours later I was still smiling despite sharing the ride with my two dogs who must be a lot easier than a child who asks "are we there yet?!"  Here are some photos of sights we saw on our northern California to Washington road trip.  Sorry for the bug residue on the windows at times, but I had to take many of the photos while moving!

South of Redding, California on Highway 5 we found ourselves heading the same direction as the Canadian Geese, north.  Good thing, as that was the plan!

Geese flying north in formation

I was fascinated by all the formations they made and saw figures like one does when staring at clouds.  The best was the one above that looked like they were drawing a bird!

Geese flying north
Geese Flying North

Daisy and Moose settled right in and except for a brief "you're on my side, Moose!" incident about 12 hours in they spent most of their time in various poses like this.

Dogs sleeping on car ride

Since I had to keep my eyes open, I loved that the weather was clear so I could follow the chain of volcanoes in the Cascade Range.


Mt Shasta

Mt. Shasta, CA

Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood, OR
Mt. St. Helens, Washington
Mount St. Helens 
I did see Mt. Rainier, too, but the best view from the road was behind me by the time I realized it.  It is so tall that on a clear day you can see it from hundreds of miles away.
So happy to see the Olympic Mountains and Hood Canal as it meant we were almost to our temporary destination.
Olympic Mountains, Washington
Hood Canal, Washington
Hood Canal, Washington
Olympic Mountains, Washington
Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington


Beautiful photos! I love

Beautiful photos! I love northern California and have seen Mt.Shasta when the snow was over 15 feet deep. I've never been to Oregan or Washington state,but that area is on my list of places to visit.The 'kids' are so cute! I'm glad you made it to your destination safe and sound.

I call those kinds of photos

I call those kinds of photos "drive by shootings."The geese are fascinating. You had such a scenic drive! I love that part of the world, having been there a few times.

those geese flying in their

those geese flying in their formations are really interesting. what a beautiful ride you all had!

Since I live in the Mt Hood

Since I live in the Mt Hood area, I have made this trip many times, both north and south of here--only with kids in the car! All the mountains are gorgeous, including the Olympic Pennisulia. Nice trip! And we used to see geese like this wen we lived in Texas!

The mountain shots are

The mountain shots are gorgeous, and the geese formation shots are fascinating. I love seeing your dogs in the car, too. I hope that they enjoyed the trip.

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