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When artist lampwork beads catch my eye and I've got some cash I buy them.  I don't always have an idea of what I'll be doing with them, but I enjoy picking them up and admiring their beauty just as they are.

That was the case with Kelley's Beads.  Awhile ago she started making these organic egg beads whose shapes were just so comforting.  In the beginning you could only get them by getting on a list.  Then she'd contact you when your name reached the top and she'd ask you what colors you wanted.  I wanted her to have her freedom to create whatever she wanted.  I knew I didn't want them to be too crazy, wanting her to stick with what might occur in nature, but even then I was concerned about stifling her voice.  Ha!  No worries there...

I've had mine for awhile now and have been letting their shape and colors percolate in my ole brain.  I finally decided to use one after seeing how well one went with some Magnesite drops I'd purchased.  Aren't those colors wonderful?I call it my Provencal Dream bracelet as the colors remind me of Provence.

Provence is a country to which I am always returning, next week, next year, any day now, as soon as I can get on a train.  ~ Elizabeth David


What a beautiful bead! And

What a beautiful bead! And you did it such awesome justice with a beautiful bracelet!

Oh yummy! I love glass beads

Oh yummy! I love glass beads and the way that they feel . . . I have soooo many that need to be in a creation.

Fantastic creation and so

Fantastic creation and so appropriately named. TFS

That's a beautiful bead! The

That's a beautiful bead! The colors are great. I love different beads especially the bigger ones.

these eggs are fantastic!

these eggs are fantastic! great color and feel to them. and your bracelet is beautiful! i really like the beads wired between the links--very different and gorgeous!

I have a weakness for lamp

I have a weakness for lamp work, too! I try to have projects in mind when I purchase beads, but it doesn't always happen. Beautiful creation.

I have never seen such an

I have never seen such an unusual bead. Your bracelet design does it justice, complementing it perfectly.

I see you're on Artfire. I

I see you're on Artfire. I used to be, they look a bit different now. I love lampwork beads - I used to have one woman in Canada that I bought mine from. Beautiful, but expensive... {:-Deb

The beads are lovely! The

The beads are lovely! The colors in your construction are beautiful and soothing.

These are awesome!

These are awesome!

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