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Almost my whole life when I thought of the Fourth of July images of huge displays of fireworks in glorious colors accompanied by very loud booms came to mind.  If I thought more carefully I'd think of our country's fight for independence, which was sort of like growing up and wanting freedom from our parents wasn't it?  When we got past the you can't be the boss of me stage we became friends again.  With two wars taking our young people in the name of freedom I can't help but make the connection of our intense desire as a nation to protect our rights and freedom and even dream that others can enjoy it, too, to our annual holiday. 

However, the reality of war's fireworks are not filled with wonder and children putting hands over their ears and laughing at the concussion they feel in their stomachs.  A basic human right and desire is to have freedom over one's own destiny.  Man since the beginning of time has fought over food, land, women, possessions and perhaps most of all he's desired power over others.  I guess we can't expect things to change especially with our earth's resources becoming more and more scarce, but isn't that exactly why we have to change?

My plan for this post was way different and perhaps would've been more fun to read, but these are my thoughts as we come up on another Fourth of July with the Red, White and Blue. 

Warmest and proudest thoughts go out to our military men and women and their families.  Your sacrifices and willingness to go to the call of duty by our country are always appreciated and admired by me.

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Your thoughtful and

Your thoughtful and reflective post gave a different view of the red, white, and blue theme. It's always good to read a variety of reflections - that's why I enjoy these monthly blog hops.I agree with you: freedom is such an interesting concept when you think about it...and how at almost every age we are seeking independence from something or someone.

What a great post Janet! I

What a great post Janet! I have to admit, I never really thought about our struggle for independance from our parents in that way before....Happy Independance day :)Audreyhttp://AudreyGardenLady.blogspot.com

I agree change is necessary.

I agree change is necessary. Thanks for reflecting. xo Cory

Much food for thought in your

Much food for thought in your post. Celebrations today certainly are more sobering with the constant ongoing wars we are engaged in and the loss of life. I can see I'm going to be noodling on these thoughts throughout the day...

I dream of a world without

I dream of a world without war... unfortunately, a world without war would in all likelihood be a world without human beings... at least not very many. I still dream...Linda :)http://capecodjewel.etsy.comhttp://craftymakings.etsy.comhttp://capecodjewel.blogspot.com

You make some good points

You make some good points that are very worthy of thought. We celebrate with BBQ and fireworks, but there is a lot behind this celebration and it's important to take that moment to consider the service occuring now and our future! Thanks!

What an extremely thoughtful

What an extremely thoughtful post. It used to be said that if women ruled the world there would be less fighting. I fear that is not true and that this will always be the way of the world because of human nature. I wish it were otherwise with all my heart!

Great Post.When I was a teen

Great Post.When I was a teen , one of my most favorite songs was Independence day by Bruce Springsteen.It's a little dark.Well Papa go to bed now it's getting lateNothing we can say is gonna change anything nowI'll be leaving in the morning from St. Mary's GateWe wouldn't change this thing even if we could somehowCause the darkness of this house has got the best of usThere's a darkness in this town that's got us tooBut they can't touch me nowAnd you can't touch me nowThey ain't gonna do to meWhat I watched them do to youSo say goodbye it's Independence DayIt's Independence DayAll down the lineJust say goodbye it's Independence DayIt's Independence Day this timeThank you to all the soldiers and military people that allows us to have a independence day.

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