Puget Sound Bead Festival 2011

July 07, 2011
Being in this remote part of the country I've weaned myself off of many gem shows and bead shows, but there's one that just gets too close for comfort. 
When I go to these wonderful shows I get a nervous energy, a buzz for sure, when entering the doors and seeing rows and rows of lovely vendors selling the wares they love.  There are findings of many metals, lampwork beads of artistic awe-ness, gemstones of many colors and tools to make perfect loops and my life easier.  Those of you that love beads and tools and sparkly things know what I'm talking about.  For those of you that don't, I'm guessing there's something that gives you the same buzz like fishermen and a boat show, handymen and any hardware store in America, and fashion divas on Rodeo Drive or in NYC.
It's on my calendar and the day is free so I'm heading to Tacoma and the Puget Sound Bead Festival tomorrow!  My plan is to stay focused and buy what I need with just a little extra cash for those precious baubles that I can't resist.  My theory is if you don't give yourself a budget and permission to buy an unexpected treasure you're likely either going to just throw the budget out the window altogether or leave and spend days wishing you'd bought that one thing that won't let you sleep at night.
This weekend I'll share my treasure with you.