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"Long before corporations like Enron and Global Crossing made headlines with accusations of greed and impropriety, there was Olympic Power and Development."

"Olympic Power, in violation of Washington State law, erected a dam on the Elwha River in 1910. Over the course of the ensuing years, it became clear that the river and its almost incredulously large salmon runs had been sacrificed for hydropower development. Such development was commonly referred to as "progress." Nonetheless, it was progress which occurred at tragic expense to the Native American, Elwha Klallam people, who relied upon the river for their sustenance."

The above 2 paragraphs were taken off of bullfrogfilm's website as it refers to the documentary "Unconquering the Last Frontier."  This film has incredible live footage of people that knew those involved in the frontier days of Port Angeles, but also jaw-dropping footage of the raping and waste of a wild land that had sustained the Native Americans for centuries.  It's the story of how humankind believes we own and can control nature, but also of how that arrogance and short-sightedness can have tremendous consequences.  Consequences that have changed the way of life for a people.  Many of us are hopeful Mother Nature can repair after we remove the impediments, but many of us will not live long enough to see that happen.  It's enough for me, though, that it will have begun its healing.

Here's the link to the film so you can watch it on your computer.

I've written about the Elwha Dam removal project before in my Wild and No Longer Damned post.  Well, since they will start drawing down Lake Mills and Lake Aldwell next summer - 2011 - the Olympic National Park has designated this "The Last Dam Summer!" Gadlng, a travel company, has a good article on the deals available at local lodges and things to do while you still can:  like paddle in one of the lakes!We're looking forward to 2011 when dam removal history will be made and knowing the Elwha will soon flow free.


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