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Pinecone Brooch by Honey from the Bee

Promise Brooch

Besides acorns and eggs I do love pinecones.  Their shape is egg-like, isn't it? 
When I first started making jewelry for myself I did a lot of seed bead work.  I was fortunate to take classes with amazing artists like Marcia DeCoster, Laura McCabe, Cynthia Rutledge and Carol Wilcox Wells.  They all have a unique style and favor certain off-loom techniques.  
Every once in awhile there's a jewelry piece in my head that calls out for seed beads and I draw on those skills I learned many moons ago.  Remember those math classes that you took where you thought you'd never use, but then something will happen in your life years later and you think - that would be useful right now.  lol!  It's in there somewhere you just have to dig around a bit sometimes.  
We had a challenge this month at Blogging Business Artisans that was related to school madness and this was my challenge piece!  I don't have children so school stuff has to be in my memories!
The pinecone called out for bead embroidery in my head and not a silver setting.  I like the texture and the addition of other colors I could bring into it.
I also created some lampwork earrings using these sterling silver pinecones that I've used in previous work.  I just love the detail in them.  I'm guessing I'll probably keep a pair!  The lampwork is by Canyon Echoes - one of my all time favorite lampwork artists.

Sterling Silver pinecone earrings by Honey from the Bee

Glacial Gray pinecone earrings (SOLD out)

The color in this set of lampwork beads is best described as a glacial river.  If you have not seen one - it's a grey, but with a green-blue tint.  Matte, not clear... frosty in more ways than one!
I've got at least one more pinecone from Gary Wilson and numerous sterling silver pinecone charms so I may have some more pieces soon.


Both the brooch and the

Both the brooch and the earrings are lovely--though they have different personalities. I love pinecones too but have never used pinecone beads in my jewelry---yet.Have a wonderful week!

Great the

Great the earrings!

Gorgeous work, Janet, I love

Gorgeous work, Janet, I love the pinecone--I've never seen anything like it. I like how your dangles echo the pine cone shape.

These are beautiful! I can

These are beautiful! I can see those earrings going with almost any fall outfit/ color:) Gorgeous!

those are two great pieces

those are two great pieces you made! I did a little bit of beadweaving and know how exacting and complicated it can be. Your finished product is beautiful. And the materials in your earrings are just great - I always loved Canyon Echoes' lampwork beads, and the pine cones are so pretty! Nice take on the challenge! {:-D

Your new piece is beautiful!

Your new piece is beautiful! Perfect for fall. I love the mix of colors and textures.

Amazing detail! Love those

Amazing detail! Love those earrings.

Both are beautiful pieces --

Both are beautiful pieces -- I love that the pine cone brooch was carved out of petrified wood!

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