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They're the largest of the North American Woodpeckers (since the Ivory billed has not been seen in North America in awhile.)  They're about the size of a crow and they're gorgeous with their brilliant red head feathers and white strikings against the black!  We had a flock of 4 land on our cedar in the backyard and we were fortunate to see them. 

They may be the same family: mother, father, son and daughter, that our neighbor had living in her area.  (She named them... Parents:  Marc Antony and Cleopatra;  Children:  Caesar and Octavia. )  In fact the parents had their "kids" a couple summers ago and we watched them when the youngersters still had pink feathers.  We're all hoping they're the same family.


One of my favorite birds. I

One of my favorite birds. I first saw them on Sanibel Island, Florida, and thought they only lived in the south. I was so surprised last summer to see one here in Saginaw, Michigan! They obviously love to travel as much as I do!

I'm pretty sure I saw a pair

I'm pretty sure I saw a pair of those last year, I wasn't sure they lived around here! They were making quite a ruckus, mating season perhaps? Lovely photos, enjoy your bird family! :)

Sure wish we had the big guys

Sure wish we had the big guys here in Colorado. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing Janet!

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