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Paris Park

The City of Light


All the romantic influences from art, architecture, and literature certainly played to my imagination with my expectations, but I can honestly say it has never disappointed.

One doesn't want to rush around trying to fit every sight into the always limited time a vacation allows.  Take some time to a walk in a park.  Watch what's happening around you.  Let your nose lead you into a patisserie.  Stop for a latte or a glass of wine and people watch from the cafe's patio.  Dinner should be savored, like a souffle, and extended with laughter and conversation.  Listen to me (!): The type of traveler that's researched and read everything about a destination and planned each day.  It's those moments in between that I remember the most fondly.


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France is a very big country with lots of different regions that have different cultural identities based on the migration of tribes.  Each has unique food and architectural identities to explore.

A place we visited on another visit to France had me stopped in my tracks with my mouth agape several times.  It was storybook and awe-inspiring:  Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy.  I had never heard of it so the location and view was something else.  You can Google if you are dying to see a photo, but I highly recommend making the trek and being surprised in person.  This would have to be in my top 5 sites to visit if all things being equal in terms of travel time, etc.  It takes a little effort.  I've included the story behind both why I was inspired with the connection of the Celtic knots and Mont Saint-Michel as well as the origination story of the current village.


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Mont Saint-Michel


 “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life."  Thomas Jefferson


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