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Sofitel, Budapest, Hungary

The day we were to board our Scenic Cruises' SS Sapphire riverboat arrived and we had just gotten over our jet lag.  We were very excited to board and get on our way to see countries we knew little about and relax on the Danube as it made its way east to the Black Sea.

After a buffet style breakfast at our hotel we packed and then met some of our fellow passengers in the atrium lobby.  Then it was time to wait and read for awhile til they were ready for us.

Sofitel, Budapest, Hungary

I love the way the old architecture is reflected in the modern Sofitel windows

Although we don't normally like to be the first time passengers on a brand new cruise ship, we nearly were.  The SS Sapphire took its maiden voyage from Amsterdam to Budapest and our cruise was the 2nd half of an extended Rhine-Danube cruise.  At least some of the kinks were likely shaken out.Riverboats don't hold nearly as many guests nor staff as ocean liners so boarding is a relatively quick process.  Our room was nicely appointed and comfortable with even a small balcony that made photo taking while cruising a breeze.

Scenic Tours cruise ship

Our room was the one in center 2nd deck

Scenic Tours cruise ship bed

I think you can guess who unpacked and who read his book.

Scenic Tours cruise ship living room

Beautiful orchid and fresh fruit each morning!

After quickly unpacking we went to find a spot on the top deck in anticipation of the nighttime departure through Budapest.

Champagne on deck, Scenic Tours

Champagne and a lounge chair, ahhhh!

It turned out that Scenic Cruises is an offshoot of Scenic Tours, an Australian travel company.  We didn't know that when we signed up, not that it would've mattered since I could listen to their accent all day long no matter what they're talking about.  There were only 3 cabins occupied by Americans.  The rest were Aussies.  Our cultures are so similar that it was only a few things during the trip that were interesting in that regard.  Most everyone we met were warm with a great sense of humor.  

The remaining photos I shot while sipping my own glass of champagne as we went up river for a short bit and then turned around to then see Budapest by night.  If you go to Budapest be sure to take a dinner or cocktail cruise on the Danube.  It'll be one of the most romantic things you could do while visiting.

Parliament Building, Budapest, Hungary

Parliament Building

Chain Bridge and Royal Palace at night, Budapest, Hungary

Royal Palace, Chain Bridge


Liberty Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

Liberty Bridge - champagne kickin' in?

Liberty Bridge at night, Budapest, Hungary
Gellert Spa and Bath, Budapest, Hungary
One last glance at Budapest and the city lights grow dimmer...  Off to dinner and then a good night's sleep.  We will awaken to see the Hungarian countryside.
Edge of Budapest at night, Hungary
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Everything is so breathtaking

Everything is so breathtaking all lit up at night!The river boat sounds nice with less people. And your room looks great too!

Wonderful photos Janet! I

Wonderful photos Janet! I have been on a number of cruises but never a river cruise. It must be such a different experience. Your room looks more like an actual hotel room rather than a cruise ship cabin! The night cruise must have been so beautiful. Champagne always helps. :)

ooohhhh this is so beautiful.

ooohhhh this is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your trip.Nicole/Beadwright

Nice job on the night

Nice job on the night photography!

What fun! That lounge chair

What fun! That lounge chair looks so inviting!

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