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Otter in Monterey Bay
Soon after I had my first home as an adult I promptly decorated it with all things otter.   
Being from the east coast and just getting introduced to these adorable creatures I was enthralled with them.  (Who am I kidding?  I am still in LOVE with them.)  Visitors to our home would find cute otter figurines handmade in ceramic as well as this poster from The Nature Company when it was still a Berkeley based company. 
Morten Solberg Otter poster
The figurines are now in a guest bath and the framed poster neglected behind my office door.  I've got to find a spot for it don't you think?
One of my favorite places to visit is the Monterey Aquarium.  I could stand in front of their otter exhibit for hours.  Being that close to their cute little noses and watching them roll and dive is just about all my heart can take in that moment!
Romp of Otters, Moss Landing, CA
My very favorite place to watch otters in the wild(!) though is near Moss Landing State Beach.  The first time we saw them there we went on a kayak trip through Elkhorn Slough.  You're on their level and you are not allowed to get close so it's usually better for viewing to take the road to the State Beach.  There's a romp of otters often floating in the estuary that provide hours of viewing and snapping pleasure.
Romp of Otters, Monterey Bay, CA
Pair of otters, Monterey Bay, CA

Otters, Monterey Bay, CA

What?  Haven't you ever seen an otter before??



Yes I have! at Monterey Bay

Yes I have! at Monterey Bay Aquarium!! some years back on a family vacation. A friend suggested we go to this aquarium. I asked for how long--a couple hours? More, she said. We spent the better part of a day there. It has spoiled me for all other aquariums!Otters are so fascinating!Yes, do give that poster a happier spot to live!

Yes I have, and yes I too

Yes I have, and yes I too have been to Moss Landing! What a delightful story, and I was pleased to hear that you collect exactly what you love!! I bet those otters know that you love them too!! Very, very sweet post.

They're such fun playful

They're such fun playful creatures to watch!

I don't think there is

I don't think there is anything cuter than a otter unless it's a baby otter.

I love that last little guy

I love that last little guy looking straight at you! We spent an entire day at the aquarium this past Feb - LOVE it there. and I love Moss Landing ... it is so very local

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