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Sea Lions at Moss Landing.

There are moms and pups in this pile of loveliness.  

With my new camera and lenses I headed out for Moss Landing to take photos of the sea lions piled on the dock again and hopefully an otter.  It's so much fun to have such a great camera and not worry about film costs!

The pups are about 9 months old as they were likely born last June.  The moms will likely be impregnated this month at Ano Nuevo.  Then there will be a 3 month period where the egg is fertilized, but not actually attached to the womb.  That will happen about June and then those pups will be born June of 2014, after a 12 month gestation.

Sea Lions at Moss Landing.

There was a constant barking and positioning.  I imagined them telling each other to get off my flipper!  Ugh, my flipper has gone to sleep.  Who peed on me?  I gotta go for a swim, let me out!  But I caught a group that managed to have a moment of silence.

Sea Lions at Moss Landing.

The colors are wonderful aren't they?  Definitely inspiration for some metalwork:  Copper, steel, gunmetal, silver, tarnished, patina'd, burnished, textured, shinyThis little guy was quite proud of himself getting out of the fray.

Sea Lions at Moss Landing.
Sea Lions at Moss Landing.

There were some sea lions at the end of the dock that weren't able to find room.  How were they keeping warm in the frigid water?

Sea Lions at Moss Landing.

Sea Lions will raise a flipperin the air as they floatto warm their body temperature.The air is warmer than the water.Sea otters are my absolute favorite marine mammal.  My Vet friend loves to tell me how mean they are, but I prefer to think they are as huggable as they look.  I could see a romp of them in the distance.  Don't you think "romp" just fits them so well?!

Kayaks out looking at otters at Moss Landing.

Romp of Otters at Moss Landing.

Romp of Otters

There was one lone one that floated a little closer. 
otter at Moss Landing
Otter at Moss Landing
Next time I hope one comes even a little closer, but I'm quite happy to have seen this little guy through my viewfinder.


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