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Northwest Artisan Necklace by Honey from the Bee
When you can start with a Lisa Peters' stoneware cabachon one cannot help but be inspired!  After playing around with many different colors of seed beads I settled on a mix of steel blue, copper, shimmering green and bronze.  I found the perfect piece of leather with a flower motif to carry on the theme of my Northwest Spring necklace.

I bought the squiggly glass lampwork years ago and alas did not keep track of the artist.  I remember her very well.  She was very friendly and explained how the first one was a mistake but now (or then) she would use leftover glass rods to create them.  I bought several in different colors as I thought they were so fun.  If any one knows who she is, please let me know so I can acknowledge her with a link. I wanted to do some hammering, so I textured the copper disc and dapped it to hold what I thought was an abstract representation of leaves and greenery, but what my hubby says looks like an earthworm!  He talked about how it made him want to go fishing...  I chased him out before he totally made me squirm.

Mixed media Statement Necklace by Honey from the Bee
A couple copper chains woven together simulating vines, a little wirework in bronze and it was all coming together!  Finally I had to add a few beads of labradorite for rain drops, as it just needed something.  So what do you think?
bead embroidered Statement necklace by Honey from the Bee


love the mixed media in this

love the mixed media in this piece! I love the 4 beads u used to offset the cab beading...thats really cool! overall I think its a really pretty piece.. and a great contrast of materials! WOW really nice Janet!

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