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Coral lampwork with silver dangle earrings

Coral Splash

Did you know that ArtFire has introduced a couple of new ways to provide discounts to one's customers?  It's certainly not mandatory to offer them since most of us don't have our work at retail prices, but I like the idea behind them so much that I'm offering both of them for now.

First is the Patron discount.  This is for anyone who has an ArtFire account so it rewards those who support handmade, the arts, and vintage ArtFire shops.  Buyers can have accounts now, too, so it's not just for sellers.  If you have an account you can see what discount a seller is offering by just going into their shop.  The prices will show the discount.  If there's no discount on the price, they're not offering it.

The other is an extra discount offered for anyone who puts in a comment on an item.  This discount doesn't show til the comment is made and you're given a few hours to use the extra discount.  One's encouraged to share the item on Facebook and other social media since the idea behind the discount is to thank a customer for their support of the arts.  Right now my comment discount is higher than the Patron discount, but my understanding is that they're combined at sale.  I will likely play around with both discounts from time-to-time to make it interesting.  ; )  Since my Etsy shop is a subset of my ArtFire shop - you'll always have more selection there.

NOTE:  My online shops will be on hold Saturday since I'll be taking some of my inventory to the Triton Museum of Art Spring Fair.  Shops will re-open Saturday evening.


Update 2/11/2015 - my ArtFire shop is closed.


I like Artfire's innovative

I like Artfire's innovative ideas. Good success with your sales.

I have always loved that

I have always loved that ArtFire offers new features and that they listen to their sellers.Good luck with the discounts.

Interesting discount ideas!

Interesting discount ideas! I'm curious to see how this goes for you.Best of luck with the spring fair this weekend.

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