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Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings

Tornado Earrings (SOLD out at this time; more to come)

Ever since I bought these hollow lampwork beads by Alisha White I've known I was going to highlight the black spiral.  This week I decided on how.
I did some wirework and created spiral beads out of sterling silver wire!  Simple makes awesome this time!
Sterling Silver wire and lampwork earrings - Spirals
In addition to the sterling silver spiral bead, the earwire is also sterling silver.  These are very lightweight and fun.
The topic of tornadoes though isn't fun right now.  Midwesterners live with this type of weather phenomena every year, but when I created these I was thinking of the shape and the thought of how we all know people that are just little tornadoes of energy themselves.  My timing wasn't the best.
My good friend next door happened to come over to see what I was working on and I showed her the new earrings I was working on.  She is from the Missouri and Kansas area so is very familiar with tornadoes.  She asked me if I knew that the skies sometimes turn a pea soup green when a tornado is coming.  Nope!  We looked it up on Google to see why.  Apparently due to the amount of water droplets in the clouds and the sunlight shining through create the green color.  It doesn't always happen, but it was something they were taught to watch for.
Yesterday evening many of us saw the spectacle of two tornadoes touching down in Nebraska leaving one dead and $$$ of damage.
Best wishes and prayers to those recovering from the horrible weather you guys in the midwest have had this past year.  Please take cover and stay safe with the tornado and hurricane weather to come.


Beautiful new earrings! I

Beautiful new earrings! I think they'd look cool with the swirl at top and lampwork bead at the bottom too.The tornadoes have been terrible this year! We've been very lucky, but there have been several tornado warnings already this year and Nebraska just got hit hard this week!

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