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Mackenzie's Chocolate, Santa Cruz, CA
My favorite naughty but nice treat is... CHOCOLATE!
I can feel indulged by just having one chocolate without breaking the diet totally.  I know some can't just have one, but somehow my dna cooperates.  Thank goodness!  I decided to replenish my supply though and headed out about town.
My favorite local chocolatier is Mackenzies!
So, if you're ever in the Santa Cruz area and see this shop on Soquel Ave do something naughty:  stop in and try one of their soft caramels.  They'll make your eyes roll back in your head!
Mackenzie's Chocolate, Santa Cruz, CA
My favorite at See's Candies are their molasses chips.  I grabbed a box to add to my chocolate drawer on my chocolate buying trip around town.
See's Molasses Chips
See's Candies, Capitola, CA
Did you know See's started in Los Angeles?  They were a mom and pop chocolate shop until 1972 when Warren Buffett knew he'd found a good thing and bought the company for Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.  What's great about that is that Mr. Buffett doesn't change things.  What he loved he wanted to stay the same.  That makes being naughty very nice.
There's a famous chocolatier on the west side of Santa Cruz that I have yet to visit:  Richard Donnelly Chocolates.  I don't know why except I rarely get to the west side and when I do I never remember to stop.  I think I have my next mission, don't you think?
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i am drooling...and am going

i am drooling...and am going to indulge a bit now!

ha! I miss See's chocolate!

ha! I miss See's chocolate! not that I can't find chocolate here ... but you're right it does have that 'old time' feel to it

Mmmmm...chocolate is my

Mmmmm...chocolate is my guilty pleasure too! Luckily I'm like you and just a bite tides me over.

We lived in Prospect Hts, so

We lived in Prospect Hts, so fairly near Mackenzies, ah the memories. In San Diego we have Eclipse, also very good chocolate!

Oh! Chocolate!especially

Oh! Chocolate!especially artisan types made at those special local places.A small of amount of really good chocolate is very satisfying.

LOVE chocolate. And those

LOVE chocolate. And those Mackenzie's chocolates are ALMOST too pretty to eat!

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