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Passion Flower, one of the pieces she loved 

Earlier this year a fellow Washingtonian contacted me via Etsy to ask me if I would do her bridal party jewelry.  She told me in this same note that she loved my jewelry and pointed to a couple pieces of mine that she really liked.  I immediately said yes, doing the happy dance in front of the PC screen, but then wondered should I? 
I'd never done bridal jewelry before.  Perhaps a piece of my jewelry has been used, but I'd never designed specifically for a person's wedding. Brides are notorious, at least on TV, for being difficult and demanding.  They want their day to be perfect and only they know what perfect means. I wasn't going to commit until I spoke with her on the phone, because I also didn't want to add to her anxiety in any way if we didn't click.  Everyone would want a client like Crystal!  She gave me her budget and colors and theme.  It was important to her to have a Washington artist create her jewelry.  Then other than the two of us occasionally exchanging messages on Facebook or email, didn't seriously connect again until early this month.  Perhaps it was because she was due to deliver a baby at any moment when she first contacted me!  In fact our first phone call got delayed a week due to her going into labor and delivering her baby!  With a toddler at home already, planning a wedding and running a business with her fiance, she had to trust me!  I didn't take that lightly.
Pacific Northwest Bridesmaid necklace by Honey from the Bee
Of course I took this very seriously, because not only was this my first, I wanted to make sure she'd be proud to give her bridesmaids' their necklaces and earrings.  I hoped that I'd come up with something that they could wear again, too, because usually the dresses are destined for the closet.
Theme:  Northwest Garden
Colors:  Bridesmaids' dresses are a deep lapis, V-neck with spaghetti straps; accents on tables and flowers:  purple/lavender/peridot
Blue and Purple bouquet bridesmaid necklace by Honey from the Bee
Bridesmaid earrings by Honey from the Bee

I like to create more than just pretty jewelry if I can.  I knew the necklace had to represent the lushness of NW gardens, because with our weather we grow big flowers in a relaxed natural way.  I wanted it to mean something so there is some symbolism:   Snowcapped and moss covered (keshi pearls) blue pearls for our mountains; Mother of Pearl circle, because the circle has represented since ancient time wholeness, unity, nurturing, womb, and completeness. Peridot is a protector against negative emotion. Iolite is supposed to help with inner knowing (never forget you are a valuable individual) and elimination of disharmony in relationships.

While I was making the bridesmaid jewelry I tried not to think about Crystal's, the star of the show!  It made me anxious, but I told myself that when the time came my muse would be there for me.  After getting Crystal's excited approval on what I'd done so far it was time. 
Working in just shades of white, clear and cream was making me nervous!  I am such a color person usually, but I did have fun raiding my vintage collection of pearls and chandalier crystals. 
Bride's artisan earrings by Honey from the Bee
Bride's Artisan Necklace by Honey from the Bee
Crystal is going to have her photographer hook up with me so I can share with you how they all looked on her wedding day later this month.  I can hardly wait! 


What wonderful news! Your

What wonderful news! Your jewelry came out gorgeous, and I most especially love the meaning behind all of the stones. Can't wait to see the wedding pics! :)

I LOVE those clustered

I LOVE those clustered necklaces, they're really pretty. Congrats on the big job, can't wait to see the wedding-day photos.

How fun! I work with mostly

How fun! I work with mostly brides and it's always exciting. Hoping you have more who come your way!

You created some beautiful

You created some beautiful pieces!

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