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No, I'm not one of those.  I do get that she's a dog.  I know that other people, even those that know her and think she's a sweet dog, don't get how special she is.  We can never feel the connection others feel for their pets, but we sure do understand it.

She makes me laugh and nothing seems to make her happier.She doesn't sleep in my bed.  She sleeps in a crate.  Well, she does come up before my hubby comes to bed.  She's done that since she was 3 months old, not wanting to leave my side.  It's her favorite place to wait while I shower and brush my teeth.

She only eats dog food, albeit very good dog food.  However, she does keep the meal time schedule.  We know she gets people treats from a dear friend of ours, but isn't that sort of like grandparent's rule?

Daisy, age 1

We get each other.  She talks to me with her eyes and her body.  I know what she's saying and she delights in my understanding.  She protects my quiet time by chasing off her furry brother and even my husband at times.

Daisy, age 8

I've heard it said that there's only one dog in your life that will touch your soul like Daisy touches mine.  I feel blessed that I can have this relationship with her.  Would she have had it with another?

Daisy, age 2 months

Dogs are better than human beings, because they know but do not tell.  ~Emily Dickinson


I have got to send this to my

I have got to send this to my daughter!!!! These pics are hysterical! Dogs are so much smarter than we know! We just do not know! I believe that with all my heart. Love this!Sue

Awww, she is just so cute!

Awww, she is just so cute! And I sooo get it - it's how I feel for my black standard poodle, Kashmir. He follows me everywhere, especially when I have my Texas Pecan coffee with french vanilla creamer. He delights in coffee kisses! ; )

what a pretty girl! i love

what a pretty girl! i love that picture of her in bed. what a face!

Daisy has it all: good

Daisy has it all: good looks, great hair, intelligent, and a best friend.

Awwww how sweet she is!!!!!

Awwww how sweet she is!!!!! Oh I really KNOW what you are talking about! Animals are such precious creatures!!! My Zoe is turning 8 these days too :)! I don't know her exact birth date as I adopted her as a homeless kitten from Greece in the summer of 2003, when she was about 3 months old.Wishing you and Daisy many happy years together!!!!!

You can read Zoe's story

Oh, she is adorable! And no,

Oh, she is adorable! And no, I think that connection is for you and you alone! Happy Birthday Daisy! :)

Awww she is so beautiful,

Awww she is so beautiful, such a pretty face and intelligent eyes!

What a beautiful face!! We

What a beautiful face!! We feel the same way about our cat of 13 years. Funny how pets just wrap themselves around your heart!Happy Birthday Daisy!Audreyaka AudreyGardenLady

"that connection is for you

"that connection is for you and you along!" - brought tears to Daisy's and my eyes. ; )Kim - I'd be coming in for kisses with the scent that must have! That sounds delicious!

I have a confession... I'm

I have a confession... I'm not a dog person, but I can totally relate to your post and pictures with our 18 year old cat. She is so sweet, so caring and so demanding and (unfurtunately) getting older by each week that goes by. Fingers crossed we'll have her for a while....Birgitte

Oh Birgitte - I know how you

Oh Birgitte - I know how you must feel at times. You're fortunate cats live much longer than dogs. I'd have a cat too if my husband wasn't allergic.I get tears in my eyes sometimes when I look at her and know our time is so short. I remind myself how lucky I am to have her though. She had a serious illness at 1 yrs old that returned again at 2 and we weren't going to be able to do a treatment a 3rd time if it returned due to sinus damage. She had experimental treatment that worked the 2nd time. We call her one of our miracle dogs. UC Davis is amazing!

She's a beauty. I think we

She's a beauty. I think we should encourage that kind of connection wherever we find it.

What a precious pup! Love

What a precious pup! Love your Emily Dickinson quote too.

Hello again, Janet!Would you

Hello again, Janet!Would you consider writing a guest post for my dog blog, I have a new 'column' called Not Just a Dog, and I want to celebrate the special relationship between [wo]man and dog. I would obviously credit you in whichever way you prefer. If you would be interested, please email me at aroo [!at] shyhound.comLauren(Fizgiggery, flaurena...)

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