My Baby Girl has Turned Eight

March 25, 2011


No, I'm not one of those.  I do get that she's a dog.  I know that other people, even those that know her and think she's a sweet dog, don't get how special she is.  We can never feel the connection others feel for their pets, but we sure do understand it.

She makes me laugh and nothing seems to make her happier.She doesn't sleep in my bed.  She sleeps in a crate.  Well, she does come up before my hubby comes to bed.  She's done that since she was 3 months old, not wanting to leave my side.  It's her favorite place to wait while I shower and brush my teeth.

She only eats dog food, albeit very good dog food.  However, she does keep the meal time schedule.  We know she gets people treats from a dear friend of ours, but isn't that sort of like grandparent's rule?

Daisy, age 1

We get each other.  She talks to me with her eyes and her body.  I know what she's saying and she delights in my understanding.  She protects my quiet time by chasing off her furry brother and even my husband at times.

Daisy, age 8

I've heard it said that there's only one dog in your life that will touch your soul like Daisy touches mine.  I feel blessed that I can have this relationship with her.  Would she have had it with another?

Daisy, age 2 months

Dogs are better than human beings, because they know but do not tell.  ~Emily Dickinson