My 2016 Pantone Spring

January 07, 2016

Pantone picked two colors for Color of the Year - Rose Quartz and Serenity

2016 Colors of the year

Although I don't purposely design for the Pantone color picks, I do seem to get influenced subliminally by the retail stores.  It's because you'll find in clothing and home stores these colors predominate.

This is a fun post to create, because I get to play a shopper in my own store and sort of a detective.  So let's go see what I can find in my shop that use the new colors.


Pink Chalcedony and bright fused glass pendant

Picasso Peacock

Pink chalcedony, one of the few fused glass pieces I've created

vintage crystals, sterling silver wirework


Shabby Chic Rose Necklace

Shabby Chic Rose Necklace

Ceramic focal with blue denim coral beads

lampwork, Lisa Peters ceramic button closure


Aquamarine Boho necklace


Ceramic focal by Lisa Peters

Aquamarine, bone, lampwork, shells


Peach Echo - 2016 color

Butterfly Wing pendant

Le Papillon

Lampwork butterfly wing

Fine Silver flower created in my studio


Peach dangle earrings

Peaches and Blueberries

Sea Urchin Spines, lampwork, peach moonstone


Peach Earrings


Peach Moonstone, Jasper, vintage cap


Snorkel Blue 2016 color

Beach Statement necklace


Sea Anemone shell, Sterling Silver

Lampwork by Canyon Echoes


Limpet Shell 2016 color


Boho Limpet Shell earrings

Glacial Melt

Lampwork, beach stone, Chrysocolla


Peruvian Opal Earrings

Seaside Dots

Peruvian Opal, inlaid mother of pearl


Lilac Grey 2016 color


Lavender Summer Necklace

Lavender Sea

Porcelain Jasper by Gary Wilson, vintage banded amethyst rosary

lampwork by Canyon Echoes, found shell


Fiesta 2016 color


Art Nouveau Butterfly necklace

Art Nouveau Butterfuly Statement Necklace

lampwork, vintage buckle


Fiesta Earrings

Fossilized Coral Agate Earrings

dangle from GF chain


Iced Coffee 2016 color


Ocean Jasper Heart necklace

Seashell Heart

Ocean Jasper, pearls


Lampwork and Jasper brown earrings

Sand and Stone

Jasper, Lampwork


Green Flash 2016 color


Green Flash Boho earrings

Washed Ashore

Lampwork, Ceramic, linen


Whimsical Frog Necklace


Lampwork focal - Meital Plotnik

Ceramic focal - Lisa Peters

misc other beads


And that's just a few picks!  Do your own investigation in my jewelry shop and you'll find others that will work for this Spring and Summer's colors.