My 2013 Pantone Spring

January 26, 2013
Daffodils just coming up

There are signs of Spring already in Northern California.  Our daffodils are pushing up shoots and rainbows are appearing as grey clouds come and go.

Double Rainbow, Jan 2013
For those of you still under snow and freezes I hope this gives you hope!
It's time to see what colors Pantone has announced for this Spring!
Pantone 2013 Spring Fashion
Many seem to be sort of dusty with hues given more white to take them more to a pastel.  I really like the Dusk Blue with Lemon Zest.  I just bought a cell phone cover the color of Tender Shoots so that's obviously grabbing me.  A purple is always in my palette so maybe African Violet with Lemon Zest or Tender Shoots will show up in some new earrings.
In my shops you'll find some of these colors that will go with the new colors you are seeing in the clothing boutiques.

Sun Earrings

Dusk Blue with Lemon Zest:  Sun Spot

Pearl and Ocean Jasper heart necklace

Linen:  Seashell Heart

Red Tulip artisan necklace

Poppy Red and Tender Shoots: Red Cherry Lip (SOLD)

Millefiore necklace

Tender Shoots, Monaco Blue, Poppy Red:  Flowers on my Mind

African Violet, Nectarine:  Grape Sour Balls (SOLD)

Carnelian and Pearl necklace

Nectarine:  Orange Juice

Daisy Statement necklace

Lemon Zest:  He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Shabby Chic Rose necklace

Dusk Blue, Lemon Zest, Nectarine, Linen:  Shadows in the Rose Garden

Lampwork and Mother of Pearl Artisan earrings

Grayed Jade, Poppy Red:  Sailor's Valentine

Fossilized Coral Dangle earrings
Poppy Red:  Falling Leaves
What about you?  What are your favorites in this new palette?  I'll do a post or posts with handmade items that feature your selections!