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Male Moose
... because a walk to pick up the newspaper brings a bull moose in sight!
After reviewing last year's photos of a yearling in our yard and the information on this web site, I think he's the same guy who left his Mom last year after she showed him our neighbor's orchard.
Male Moose
Fortunately my neighbor gave us a head's up that there was a bull moose in the area so I was scanning the area as I walked this morning.  I saw him on the side of the road not too far away so ran and got my husband and camera to get these shots.
Male Moose
Male Moose
Male Moose retreating
Last year the game warden told us he and his Mom would leave after all the fruit was gone.  They did after several weeks.  I'm wondering if this guy came early to stake his claim and if he'll keep others away or at least welcome his Mom back.
Now our dogs will have to be taken out on leash to avoid any encounters.  My Moose is no match for this moose.
My Springer wearing Moose Antlers


Wow he is a beauty. I do miss

Wow he is a beauty. I do miss the moose. We don't have them here on the Oregon coast. Have a fun and safe weekendNicole/Beadwright

Oh, that's so cool! I've

Oh, that's so cool! I've never been far enough North to see a moose. So, thanks for sharing your spotting!

ha! what a sweet dog! that

ha! what a sweet dog! that must be so amazing to see a moose up close, and they are big aren't they? Not sure why your blog doesn't seem to be showing up in my blogger feed :( but have missed a couple posts!

yours is equally as adorable!

yours is equally as adorable! what great photos you got of the moose ~ very exciting!

You did get truly great

You did get truly great pictures of our returning moose! I would never have been able to warn you if it hadn't been for TJ growling and waking me up.I still love your Moose more!

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