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I've found it's not easy leaving one's old home, even if it was missing some bells and whistles that the new home boasts.  It's going to take me some time to finish unpacking and to find out where I want to display my treasures and which closets I can hide the stuff I don't want anybody to see.For those just finding me, welcome!  I've had my blog on 1000 Markets since I joined them about 9 months ago.  It was a good place for me to start online.  Now that I'm more I want some more gadgets and widgets... so on to Blogger!

I had no experience with blogging prior to a year ago and was terrified that I had nothing worthwhile to say.  I'm still shy, but I am finding it helps bridge that gap that exists when you're not selling at an art show where you meet your fans face-to-face.  I know everything I share tells you a little more about me, for better or worse.  That's a good thing.  Keeps us honest.

Let me finish getting settled in, find all my tools, and I'll be back soon.

Update 2/8/2015: As you've probably noticed I've moved on to another blog home.  :-)


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