Merry Christmas to me!

December 30, 2013
Not knowing what to get me is CRAZY!
Box of Possibilities from Kate McKinnon
I've been reading on Facebook how other jewelry artists had husbands that generously and creatively shopped willy-nilly for beads for them this holiday season.  Those artists then showed us their new acquisitions and love for their husbands.  New additions to their growing stashes they didn't need to hide or mumble something about a project they'd be working on shortly.
That's what I say!  Pfffffffffffffft!!!!
My sister-in-law knew and gave me some very cool black and white artisan beads at Thanksgiving.  So it's not that he wasn't given a hint if he chose to pay attention.
Oh well.  The most excellent news is that my husband never denies me bead purchases.  He kinda gets an obsession (all that know him are nodding their heads), but I'm guessing he just doesn't want to feed it.
So, in December I seem to always take care of the hunger myself.
The most special gift to me of beads this year was receiving Kate McKinnon's box filled with kits from her Contemporary Geometric Beadwork project.  I've been supporting her efforts from the beginning, because I just think what they're doing is awesome.  It's sort of an open network of sharing these ideas and concepts with the creativity and variations taking flight across the world.  I'm just now getting a chance to start their Volume 1 work while Volume 2 is going to be out around the corner.
I bought some advance kits from Kate, which helps finance the book publications, and like others who did so, we received gift boxes.  I'm not talking plastic or paper box.  Check out the box my kits came in above!  It's a carved antique wooden box with a lovely ribbon tying it together since the hinges are broken.  Have you seen any gift-wrapping lovelier?
This is what was inside:

Silky scarf wraps some kits.

Seed beads and Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

Oh the possibilities!

One of the kits is just loads of delicas with the Note:  "We made sure to get Only Adventurous Beaders for the Blue and Green, by not showing a sample or the colour-way.  Clever us!"

It's going to be so much fun to see how everyone uses them!

Thank you Kate!