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English Springer Spaniel puppy and older dog

My poor blog has been sorely neglected!  I've got ideas in my head and my hands are busy, but unfortunately have not had time to get some posts ready.  So... while you wait, here's some more fluffy eye candy and sweet memories for me.

When we first got Daisy (9 years old this March), Sam was our senior dog with no patience for an energetic puppy.  Daisy took quite a liking to him, but the only time Sam seemed quite okay with her was when she was napping.
English Springer Spaniels puppy and older dog sleeping
English Springer Spaniels

Daisy came to complete understanding of the patience needed when we brought Moose into her life and she's now the senior.  


English Springer Spaniels cuddling

I was curious where the phrase "Let sleeping dogs lie" came from.  After a brief google search:  

It's a very old proverb. Chaucer used it in the form "It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake" and it is recorded even earlier in the 14th century in French: "nesveillez pas lou chien qui dort".

It means: "don't stir up trouble; if the situation is quiet at the moment, let it be". 


You furry friends are

You furry friends are beautiful, Janet. :)My husband will tell you the meaning of letting sleeping dogs lie every time I wake up our little yorkie, Bandit!

Love pictures of fur babies!

Love pictures of fur babies! Thanks for the description of "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". It is fun to learn where those kind of phrases come from!

What lovely companions!

What lovely companions!

they are beautiful!!! :) the

they are beautiful!!! :) the brown colour is so rich!i hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting a giveaway :) xo

They're gorgeous Janet, look

They're gorgeous Janet, look like great buddies now.

Beautiful puppies!LOL - my

Beautiful puppies!LOL - my sleeping dogs have woken up... and that ends my computer time... Haha!

Now that's too funny, my name

Now that's too funny, my name is Janet and I have a dog named Daisy. We have a lot in common. Beautiful dogs by the way. :)

As you know, your dogs are

As you know, your dogs are adorable! :) Sometimes I have so many blog ideas running around in my head it makes me crazy!! Now I keep a list so when I have a thought I can write it down and let it go... until it's time to write! It seems everyday I come up with something more to say (evidenced in my very long blog posts! ;)

Your pups are so adorable AND

Your pups are so adorable AND photogenic. My baby is all black and my camera goes a little crazy and doesn't know where to focus! ha

Awww...what cuties :) There's

Awww...what cuties :) There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping furbaby :)Harley likes to lay under the recliner like that too!

Oh, they are so sweet! I

Oh, they are so sweet! I especially love the photo of Sam and Daisy sleeping -- they are like two peas in a pod!

they are so cute together,

they are so cute together, like seeing double. I'm sure they both have their particular quirks. Daisy, what a sweet name! {:-D

Such cute photos of such cute

Such cute photos of such cute dogs! "Let sleeping dogs lie" makes perfect sense!cute doggy names!

What great photos of the

What great photos of the dogs! Karima

Featured these babies in

Featured these babies in today's post:

What beautiful dogs you have!

What beautiful dogs you have! These photos are precious. I enjoyed the explanation of "let sleeping dogs lie," too.

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