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seed bead project
Congratulations to my friend Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers!!  She's celebrating her 2 year blogging anniversary.  I actually can't believe it's been only 2 years, because I feel like I've known her much longer than that.  She's one of those people for me that has felt comfortable from the start.  It doesn't hurt that we have a ton of stuff in common and we've likely only touched the surface.  In fact the whole group participating in her celebration are women with strong stories and hearts.  That says a lot to me about who she is.
To celebrate, Cynthia sent a select group of blogging friends a packet of bead goodies.  We were told we could use as much of the packet or as little of it that we wanted.  The photo above is  what she sent (except I forgot to photograph the beautiful white silk sari ribbon she included from Darn Good Yarn):
When I first excitedly pulled the beads out of their package I couldn't figure out what I was looking at with the polymer pendant.  I turned it right, left, back, front - held it close, far.  I instantly loved the colors, as I love moonstone and teals, but what was it supposed to be?  Finally I saw the face and have wondered ever since why it was invisible before!  It made me think of those big stone sculptures on Easter Island.  So off I went to do some research since all I knew was that there were some big stone heads found there.  This is something I love to do:  armchair traveling.  I didn't know their age, reason for being there, nor who built them.  I read through numerous sites, but I found Wikipedia's information perhaps the best researched.

photo copyright free from Wikipedia

There are 887 of these moai created by the Rapa Nui people who lived there in the first millenium CE.  They are made from volcanic rock and the area they came from is in some cases some distance from where they were placed.  The Rapa Nui believed that their ancestors protected them and provided them with everything they needed on earth.  They basically were their Gods and they created these statues to represent them.  I actually find this honoring of those that came before us a beautiful thing.
The controversy over the demise of the Rapa Nui lies in whether Easter Island's vegetation, which included a lush landscape of palm trees, was denuded by the Rapa Nui in helping to move these great statues and to support their lodging and food needs or if it was due to the mini Ice Age that changed the island's ability to sustain them.  I am inclined to believe the former since the remote island would only be able to sustain a certain population for a particular length of time.  They thrived and then fell much like some native populations in the Americas did due to the inability to sustain a growing population in a limited land area.  The Rapi Nui's story ended in starvation, cannibalism and slavery, but they left scuptures that continue to inspire today.

Mixed Media Ocean inspired necklace

Rapa Nui

polymer focal by Jana of Happy Fish

Vintage 1930's Sterling Silver pendant - handpainted palm tree and island scene on real iridescent morpho butterfly wings

gunmetal chains

So this necklace is very special.  It honors the Rapa Nui's story and serves as a cautionary tale.

Beaded Beads from seed beads and lava beads

Beaded surf beads from Japanese glassBlack Lava beads

Rapa Nui Statement Necklace by Honey from the Bee

Branch coral (bones?!)

Island Statement Necklace by Honey from the Bee
We have no idea what our future holds really.  Even tomorrow is a mystery.  I think all we can do is try to learn from our past and live today with all our passion and care to leave our home a clean and healthy place.
Here's a giant toast to Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers for her beautiful creations and generous sharing of her spirit the last two years!  Here's to a future where what is to come from her is a mystery, but one I'm very much looking forward to!!
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Hi Janet,I also thought that

Hi Janet,I also thought that the pendant looked like the Easter Island Totems, but I did not go there with mine. Your piece is absolutely beautiful I love all the elements you put into your piece. and the lava rock bead that is encrusted with sparkling blue glass is gorgeous and well describes the lava shore and surf.Awesome job!Therese

Oh, my, Janet - this is an

Oh, my, Janet - this is an exceptional story with a wonderful beaded representation. I love the idea of a cautionary tale through a special necklace! And I love the necklace too: it's coming alive from bits and pieces, just like an archaeology site does ~ with patience and vision.

What a very cool creation,

What a very cool creation, and what an inspirational story behind its inspiration! The focal reminded me of the Easter Island carvings as well, but there's no way I could have interpreted it as well as you did. The lava rocks are a perfect way to capture the wildness of the island. Great job!

I just love your

I just love your interpretation and that it was different from everyone else's! Easter Island - of course! I totally see that!I love the feel and flow here... the pale blue with the dark lava rocks is striking! and the cautionary tale ... fantastic! Really great piece JanetThank you so much for joining my hop and for being that wonderful beady-bloggy friend that you are! I love visiting your blog and hearing of your travels, and of similar places that do overlap with us! Truly amazing that the blogosphere brought us together - so happy for that!

What an interesting blog post

What an interesting blog post - thank you for the research! I gotta say, that bit of lava, adored with the seeds, is absolute perfection to this beauty! Beautiful job!

Your blog and Cynthia's blog

Your blog and Cynthia's blog compliment each other so well. It is a natural fit that you two found each other :-) This exceptionally beautiful, meaningful, and tells a story. Easter Island~it is smacking me in the face now...I didn't see it and now all I see is Easter Island or Marc Chagall (as per Bobbie)! That lava bead with the surf swelling through it is gorgeous! Weaving through lava is the most beautiful look. Your mind goes places with jewelry that most don't...and it always turns out important, thoughtful, and lovely.

They do look like the statues

They do look like the statues at Easter Island. Your necklace is perfect. I love the seed beads with the lava stone -- just beautiful.

Great story and take-home

Great story and take-home lesson! Use of the lava beads really adds to the necklace.

Janet, what a great post!

Janet, what a great post! Thank you for sharing the story with us - and your necklace is such a beautiful reminder. My favorite part of this stunning piece the beaded surf bead!

I love how you incorporated

I love how you incorporated lava beads with the pendant...very fitting!Happy Blogiversary to Cynthia!

What a great post and a

What a great post and a beautiful piece of jewelry! I agree with the others ... the beaded surf bead is so darned cute!~

I've never heard much about

I've never heard much about the 'gods' on Easter Island before so I really like the info you provided and I think it was great inspiration for your necklace. The lava in your piece is so cool too and seems to work perfectly!

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