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Frog Statement Necklace
Sometime this past winter I dreamed of a necklace that would feature a frog bead and a beaded spiral.  I think of the spiral like the wild happy leap they make.  The design would also use a cane glass bead from Olive Glass that I'd been storing for years.

Purple and Green Artisan Necklace

Leap of Faith Necklace

glass spiral:  Olive Glass

Lavender lampwork drop:  Lori Lochner

The idea was for it to be a lariat style necklace that would spiral on itself to stay closed.  I used an off-loom bead stitch that is a modified peyote which I learned from NanC Meinhardt many moons ago.  Alas changes had to be made, because the cane glass spiral had a tendency to spin slowly as one moved and to come undone.
Intricate Seed Bead Statement Necklace

The little frog is making her way through the garden of pearls, crystals,and glass beads.

I let the necklace relax for a few days while I pondered the mechanics.  I knew I wanted it to remain essentially the same if I could, but stabilize the point of connection without it being obvious.
While testing different possibilities I realized that the necklace slipped over my head with the focals where I'd placed them.  This was a no-brainer!  Why you ask?  I wear a man's large hat.  I guess that means I might have a large brain, but actually it just points to my Scottish ancestry.  It has annoyed me most of my adult life, because I love hats and pixie haircuts.  However, now I'm beginning to see a use for it:  a one size fits all tool to create no-clasp necklaces!
Seed Bead and Lampwork Statement Necklace
Anyway, I created a little tube that the glass spiral slips through and the spiral beaded part is still continuously gorgeous.
Frog Lampwork bead
I love the frog bead my friend from Oregon gave me.  She didn't remember the artist's name so if anyone recognizes the work - please let me know so I can acknowledge the artistry in this lampwork bead.  She actually gave me two so I get to contemplate another piece of jewelry with it.
Speaking of frogs... I came across a newspaper (yes, I still love getting a morning paper) article from the Associated Press about the alarming decline of amphibians in the United States.  The gist of the article was that half of the current United States sites would be empty of amphibians (frogs, salamanders, toads) in 20 years.  This is truly alarming.  The news isn't that they're declining, because scientists have known that's been happening due to climate change and habitat loss for some time.  It's that it's happening so fast.
I think that news makes this necklace all that more precious.  Don't you?


I love the purple and green

I love the purple and green color combination you chose here! The purple spiral bead is so cool and goes perfectly with your adorable little frog :)

What a lot of thought,

What a lot of thought, vision, work, creativity in this piece! It is so incredibly beautiful. There is a lot going on, yet it is not too busy to look at. I am perpetually in awe of your talent. Frogs and Buffalo are the animals I gravitate toward, so you had my full attention. Hope we find a way to heal our world so these little guys can stick around and we can too.

What a wonderful piece Janet!

What a wonderful piece Janet! i love the flow of it, the spirals in both the bead work and the glass ... it just all comes together. And that frog - what a fantastic lampwork! fun and playful! and a great talking piece to start of the conversation about climate change. It is a frightening topic to think how fast things are changing

Outstandingly creative and

Outstandingly creative and thought provoking. Love the frog bead.


I've been thinking of commissioning a piece for my wedding, but this is it, already made! The lavender is common to the area that I moved to a few years ago. My first pet was a frog, and it (for many reasons) symbolizes my independence, because bringing that frog home was the first time I ever really stood up to my older siblings (and Toby the tree frog lived for three blissful years in our living room, fat and happy!). And the name just really says it all about much of my life.
Of course, the fact that this piece literally took my breath away is also why I want it to be the focal piece that I wear when I get married . The wedding isn't for a couple years, so I'll have to try it on and try it out many times between now and then!
I'm just so happy to have found this!!!!!!!!

I am SO happy!

You found this!!

I think it's the PERFECT necklace for your special day! Leap of Faith does fit you so well and how you live. Sproing!

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