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Today's jewelry blog hop challenge is being hosted by Lorelei Eurto and has all of us using the same beads and components from Stinky Dog Beads as a starting off point.

photo from Lorelei's challenge post

When I saw the rich colors I was sold.  There were only 7 spots so I was so glad I saw her post so quickly.  They surely didn't last long.
I ended up creating three jewelry pieces:  necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings.  They're not really a set, but they could be worn together.
For the Northwest Woods earrings I added lampwork from That Bead Girl in a lovely eggplant color to the beautifully made cones from Mykonos island.  For the very tip-top I added a couple semi-precious garnet beads.

Lampwork and garnet earrings

Northwest Woods - SOLD


My San Juan Capistrano necklace features the sparrow charm dangling in front of the braided silver wreath.  A fringe of rosary chain in garnet hangs below with more of the stamped leaves seen in the earrings.  A reward for having so much stash was finding the absolute perfect vintage chain that was also just the right length.  I wish I had more of it now that I see how wonderful it looks with the braided wreath.  This necklace was inspired by the annual return of the swallows to the mission at San Juan Capistrano.

Sparrow and Garnet pendant

San Juan Capistrano Necklace

For me the English-cut Czech glass beads were the most intriguing of the bunch.  I pulled some raku beads from Elements Pottery to see how they'd look with the antiqued teal and it was a go!  My Steely Nights bracelet was born.
The bracelet is knotted on waxed linen along with a beautiful boro lampwork bead from Uvanomos that makes this a showstopper for sure.  There's something very Autumn bonfire-ish about this one don't you think?

Turquoise and Rust artisan bracelet

Steely Nights (SOLD)

This is a blog hop that should be very interesting as the artist's hand will be seen in how they interpret the same bead collection.  Let's go see shall we?


That bracelet is VA VA VA

That bracelet is VA VA VA VOOM fabulous! wowza! Great pieces! I can definitely tell you were inspired!!p.s. i think you're missing a few of the participants on your list, the updated list is on my blog post for the reveal.http://beadsforbusygals.blogspot.comhttp://alice-dreaming.blogspot.comhttp://smellynelly.blogspot.comhttp://lucybejaranojewelry.blogspot.comhttp://bijouxgemsjoy.blogspot.com <----------------YOU ARE HERE!

Gorgeous pieces! They do

Gorgeous pieces! They do look like they would make a great set. Love the earrings!

Oh those earrings! I am

Oh those earrings! I am always drawn to earrings and these are lovely with great colors. San Juan Capistrano is fantastic! Fringe and movement ~ always a winner :-)The bracelet is an instant comfortable old friend. I have zero time today, but an going to check out the other people in this hop anyway!

Thanks Lorelei. Looks like I

Thanks Lorelei. Looks like I was just missing Jodie - must've come in late yesterday. :-) Off to see what everyone else has been up to!

I absolutely love those

I absolutely love those earrings! but then how could I not with a name like NW Woods? and that necklace is pure inspiration complete with rosary - fabulous!!! and the bracelet ... rich, lush, chunky ... all good and beautiful

What a great reveal! I am

What a great reveal! I am over the moon for that bracelet! There is just something about the luster on those English cut beads. I've been thinking I need to go back and grab some more, in different colors. I enjoyed every piece you made.

Love all your pieces - I

Love all your pieces - I wouldn't have put dark purple and the Mykonos pieces but they are awesome together!

A beautiful collection. I

A beautiful collection. I love the imagery the Swallows of Capistrano evokes.

Gorgeous! Really love the

Gorgeous! Really love the unique style of those earrings, and the necklace is divine!

I love each piece. The

I love each piece. The earrings are such an unexpected but beautiful color combo. I'm loving the cascading effect of the necklace. The bracelet is great. Well done all!

That is an amazing

That is an amazing combination of colours on the bracelet. The beads complement each other so well and just seem to all glow together

I especially love the way you

I especially love the way you used the garnet chain as a tassel! Beautiful:)

What inspiring creations!

What inspiring creations! Your colour combinations are gorgeous, especially in your steely nights bracelet. Beautiful.

Thanks Christine!

Thanks Christine!

Thanks so much. Hope you're

Thanks so much. Hope you're having fun at your "retreat!"

I know! I'd never seen or

I know! I'd never seen or heard of English cut before this hop and I'm in love. Thanks for stopping by.

Sometimes it's just luck!

Sometimes it's just luck! :-)

Thanks Louise.

Thanks Louise.

Thanks Patti. This one was a

Thanks Patti. This one was a fun one wasn't it!

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

I'm thinking the bracelet

I'm thinking the bracelet would be great for evening... even longer as a fabulous statement necklace with a black dress.

Thanks Jodie.

Thanks Jodie.

Thanks for the kind words and

Thanks for the kind words and stopping by!

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