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St Marks Square, Canal Shoppes Vegas

St Mark's Square recreated in Las Vegas


Each time we go to Las Vegas I wonder why we don't go more often.  

Our reasons to go back:

It's so close for us

so many celebrity and top notch restaurants to try

a show for every taste and wallet

spas for rejuvenation


beautiful spaces

fun for groups or just us as a couple



Art surrounds you.  Not only in the galleries on the strip, but artisans of many ilks have made this an eye-popping awe-inspiring place to visit.

They are masters of illusion.  There are the grand hotels named Paris, Venetian - Palazzo, New York-New York, Bellagio, and Mirage for example that transport you to another place.

Venice canal, Las Vegas


Lighting and mural artists change the skies to either the time outside or keep it daylight so that time is confused and you stay up much longer than you normally would.

The Palazzo's condominiums are still under construction, but you wouldn't know it.

Palazzo condominiums under construction

That's a very large tarp painted to look like the end result!


I love chandliers and could've done a whole post on the very large crystal and Venetian glass ones throughout Las Vegas.  These are a couple of my favorites.

Palazzo chandelier

Chandelier in the Palazzo Casino


Cosmopolitan Crystal, Vegas

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Crystal Rain


And oh my... the food.  We went to Guy Savoy one night with friends and each dish was a work of art.

Langoustine Tartare, Heirloom Carrot Petals, Poached-Fried Quail Egg; Guy Savoy

Arrives on a special dish impregnated with holes and dry ice below.


Langoustine Tartare, Heirloom Carrot Petals, Poached-Fried Quail Egg; Guy Savoy

Langoustine Tartare, Heirloom Carrot Petals, Poached-Fried Quail Egg; Guy Savoy


At the end we always remember why we don't do this more often.  It's overwhelming in so many ways.  Neither my husband nor I like crowds so it takes a lot of energy out of us.  We don't gamble really, but do play just a little while there.  We have to leave so we can work off the extra pounds.  It's a real pampering treat that takes us awhile before we feel excited about going again.



The only time I can tolerate crowds of any size is when I am in Vegas! One of my very favorite vacation spots! The architecture of those casinos is astounding! It takes me a week to recover!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

definitely did...

I'm in awe walking around that place. Have you been to the Mob Museum? Very interesting museum. Would love to find more gems like that, too.

You have a way with photos

You have a way with photos and take a place I do not like and make me want to go back again. You possess just as much magic as the numerous creators of Vegas, Oh those chandeliers!

what a sweetie!

Oh - believe me - I go back and forth, but ultimately I've found that if I focus on what's wonderful about the place (for me anyway) I enjoy it immensely and don't try to flee. My first couple of times we went and spent way too much time in sports bars watching playoffs so the guys could bet on the games. Smoky, loud (constant noise of the slot machines) and women degraded in these skimpy cocktail waitress outfits, heat (why we go early in the year!), folks staring at slot machines, guys passed out at betting tables in the morning... UGH!!! Now my husband will bet on the games, but we'll watch from our lovely room or this time since there were 22 of us - we got a private room at a sports bar. The rest - restaurants, art, wandering around the hotels to check out the chandeliers, cocktails, mob museum, pedicure, shows... is all fun for me.

I went to a retreat (Art & Soul) in Vegas once and it really was a great place to have it.

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