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Kokanee are land-locked sockeye salmon.  They spend their entire lives in fresh water.  Because of that they don't get very big, but they die after spawning in the tradition of most salmon.

School of spawning sockeye salmon near the bridge on the Adams River

British Columbia, Canada(free use via Wikipedia; author:  The Interior)

I've always found that sort of sad, but also a celebration of nature's way.  They're at their peak in life having survived countless enemies.
After spawning, and in some cases before, their bodies become food for eagles, bears, wolves, and other scavengers.  Trees and plant life benefit from the waste that isn't eaten as it provides them nutrients.

Peacock Keshi Pearl and Lampwork Artisan Bracelet

Kokanee (SOLD)

Lampwork:  Bastille Bleu

Keshi Pearls

Faceted Czech glass

Sterling Silver box clasp with carnelian

This new one of a kind bracelet celebrates the beauty of the rippling stream, the orange red color the Kokanee turn when they're spawning, and the cycle of life.
I am in love with it!  The colors and movement make me so happy.


Your inspiration is clearly

Your inspiration is clearly seen in the is beautiful new bracelet. It would be hard to let this one go...gorgeous colors and depths.

Oh my, Janet, that is

Oh my, Janet, that is absolutely wonderful! Great inspiration rendering...

oh my! what a gorgeous

oh my! what a gorgeous bracelet Janet! and your interpretation of the salmon run ... it really captures it! wow what a piece

What cool information and

What cool information and even cooler bracelet. I don't think I've been inspired by so many facts, but I find it so awesome that you are!!

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