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From the Film  Ron White:  You Can't Fix Stupid.

"So we make it to Santorini, and Santorini is on the rim of an ancient volcano. And for 2000 years, folks, the only way to get to the top of the rim on the port side of the island was to take a donkey 800 feet up these switchbacks, takes forever. Until 5 years ago, somebody installed a tram that does the same thing in 18 seconds. And I was shocked to see the donkey guy still in business because he had the worst sales pitch I had ever heard in my life. He says, 'You can take the donkey to the top of the rim, or you can take the tram. It is the same price.' That would be my biggest secret if I were you, buddy. Id be lying to people as soon as they got off the ship. 'The donkey is .50. The tram is about 2800 Euro.'"

We took the tram.Pathways, stairways and doorways always have a pull on me.  What am I missing around the bend?  What's worth the walk?  What's behind that worn door?


Absolutely stunning

Absolutely stunning photography!!What a great vacation...you lucky girl!!

I love your photos of

I love your photos of Santorini and your post about your fantastic cruise!What a wonderful trip, Janet. Santorini is definitely on my bucket list!

Stunning photos! I love love

Stunning photos! I love love love Santorini! It was my favorite place on my Greece trip.<3, New FollowerGiveaways every day next week on A Taste of T

I just love living

I just love living vicariously through your travels Janet, and I too love an old door and set of stairs! haha (you know why I'm laughing!)Kim

These pictures are gorgeous!

These pictures are gorgeous! That last one is really great. I think I'd be scared of going up either way - donkey or tram!

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