Knitting Cowls and more Cowls

February 10, 2016

I'm in love with cowls.  

Shades of grey cowl


pattern by Jane Richmond from her Island book


NOTE:  For those that also knit I'm including the links to the patterns I used so you can create a cowl of your own.  For those that love handknits, but do not have the time nor the desire to knit it yourself, you will find links to available cowls in my shop right below the photo.

Cashmere and Silk Cowl

California Beach Cowl in cashmere and silk

Stacked Eyelet pattern available for free from Sour Cherries


I love how you can make them long and able to wrap more than once around your neck or shorter which will highlight the pattern and simply protect yourself from the cold.  I love their practicality, because a pet peeve of mine is wearing a scarf and having it slowly work it's way long on one side and then fall on the floor of the grocery store.


Yellow and Pink Lace Cowl

California Spring Cowl in Baby Alpaca and Cotton

Signs of Spring pattern available for free from Fairmount Fibers


Denim Blue Ombre Lace Cowl

Denim Blue Ombre lace cowl in merino

I received the Nami Cowl pattern for free, but you can purchase it with the yarn from jimmy beans wool


Sapphire Blue Cashmere Cowl

Sapphire Blue Cashmere Cowl

pattern is same as Shades of Grey at top of post


Lilac grey Cowl

Lilac Grey and Chartreuse Cowl in merino and silk


Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland is available for free on Ravelry


I'm currently working on a cashmere cowl for a guy friend that wants something warm, soft, and easy for snow skiing.  It's oh so soft!

I may not always have time for commissions especially off season, but if you have a special request please ask!  For anyone that knits, crochets, weaves, etc. you know that we are not able to compensate ourselves adequately for our time.  I just have to stay busy when I'm not able to work in my jewelry studio!

Also, for those that love fiber, stay tuned to my blog as I'll have an announcement to make soon about a colorful exquisite yarn I will have available in my shop later this Spring.  I'm excited with the partnership and am figuring out what to purchase and where I'm going to store it!